Designer duo Falguni Shane Peacock’s new edit offers silhouettes that conjure mystery, power and intrigue with their cuts and details

For this edition of the New York Fashion Week, they brought forth new trends for the season — discovering new silhouettes and a new colour palette
Ensembles from Forward Momentum – Chapter 20
Ensembles from Forward Momentum – Chapter 20

Inspired by charachters like Mildred Pierce from James M Cain’s psychological drama, Falguni Shane Peacock’s latest, Forward Momentum – Chapter 20, explores themes of strength, complexity and the charm of thefemme fatale archetype. Designed for New York Fashion Week, their Fall/Winter 2024 marked a milestone moment celebrating two decades of innovation, elegance and an unwavering passion for contemporary fashion.

Shane and Falguni Peacock
Shane and Falguni Peacock GERARDO SOMOZA

The term ‘femme fatale’ conjures images of mystery, power and intrigue — embodying a woman of impeccable style and self-assurance. “With the showcase of this collection, we celebrate our glorious past while also looking towards a promising future where we keep innovating, push boundaries and tread into newer territories. For us, Forward Momentum is more than a name, it is the beginning of a momentum that will culminate into a legacy in the years to come,” Falguni begins.

For this edition of the New York Fashion Week, they brought forth new trends for the season — discovering new silhouettes and a new colour palette. “This collection is all about experimenting, our ensembles have gone even darker. While it’s still edgy and avant-garde keeping our brand’s aesthetic in mind, it is now several notches higher on the chic quotient. It’s minimal but in a maximal way,” the designer elucidates. Experimenting with the concept of duality in many ways, such as pairing two strikingly different colours like soft pink with scarlet red, the label explores silhouettes such as corseted bustier and fabrics that have quilting on silk fabrics.

have quilting on silk fabrics. T he pair has played with colours in a different way, by combining two contrasting tones to create a har monious mix — a subtle cloud apple green gown with accents of lightning silver, a delicate blush gown adorned with striking red embellishments and a bold black stor m gown teeming with alluring details. “Metallic shades have always been a cornerstone in our brand’s colour palette and we’ve used some hues like dulcet silver pewter and Corydalis Blue in this collection as well,” she adds.

The neatly placed cutouts, the heavy tassels and the 3D floral elements are elements that enhance the ensembles by introducing a fresh dimension to every outfit. One can notice a lot of cashmere, various types of wool and more. “We’ve showcased 55 pieces in this collection, featuring a variety of silhouettes ranging from short dresses to trench dresses and from long jackets to gowns. We aimed to offer a diverse range of silhouettes, consistent with our previous collections. There’s something for everyone, keeping the fashion season in mind,” the couturier signs off.

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