From chin sheets to stache sheets, here's how this Korean beauty trend is here to stay

With sheet masks for everything from your lips, and face to your feet, this Korean beauty trend is here to stay

author_img Saumya R Chawla Published :  27th July 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th July 2018 12:00 AM


What’s not to love about sheet masks? They soothe, are effective, hydrate and give our skin a healthy glow. The Korean beauty and skin care trend is definitely here to stay. From a mask that resembles the Snapchat moustache filter to one that puts Hannibal Lecter to shame, here are some of our favourite face-and-body masks to give your skin some extra love and care.

Hand signal
Did you know that your hands are the first part of your body that start to show signs of ageing? Shine Bright hand masks by Nails Inc. are formulated with enough collagen, retinol and vitamins to leave your hands feeling like a baby’s. This at-home treatment is your perfect movie-night buddy! `550 approximately

Neck in line
You already know that whatever skin-care routine you use on your face should be extended to your neck, and Skin Laundry’s Wrinkle Release Neck & Chest sheet masks only makes it simpler for you! Powered with Niacinamide, this mask targets wrinkles by freezing them in their tracks. `1,020 approximately



Put a sock in it
The real secret to soft feet is a sock mask, and these Sephora lavender foot masks have our heart (and our feet)! Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, and feel the lavender and menthol extract cool your dry and fatigued skin. A perfect go-to in between pedicures, these beauties ensure your feet are feeling soft and moisturised. `340 approximately


Butterfly effect
In case you were wondering, your apple-zone is the age-revealing area below your eyes and above your cheekbones. Too Cool For School brings a butterfly mask for this region, which is most prone to fine lines and dryness. We’d recommend slices of cucumber on your eyes, and lying in a reclined position for best results. `204 approximately

It’s fan-stash-tic
There is honestly no cuter (or potent) way to get rid of your laugh lines. Tony Moly’s Mr. Smile Patch is a hydro-gel mask, that is packed with sesame seed extract, collagen and niacinamide. Good for elasticity, detoxification and brightening, these cuties also make for picture-perfect selfies! `612 approximately

Bottoms up
Who needs squats when you have Nannette De Gaspe? These luxuriously dry techtile masks contour your bottom, and are fabulous at giving your tush a boost of firm plumpness. Bonus? They’re completely mess-free! The woven fabric is sourced from Japan and can be used up to three times each. 
`11,700 approximately

Chin wagging
Dr Jart+’s Dermask spot jet neck and chin lift masks are perfect for a woman who doesn’t have more than 20 minutes to spare. They come as a set of two hydrogel patches. A plant-derived ingredient, Volufiline, aims at brightening and tightening your skin. This is a dotted mask, designed to add pressure and promote circulation to all the right places. `612 approximately