Navrathan Jewellers, Gargi by PNGS, and Etchcraft Emporium unveil their festive collection

Discover a curated collection of jewellery that captures the essence of the season

This is the time to sparkle and shine! As we embrace the festive magic of Christmas, what better way to celebrate than by adorning yourself or your loved ones with exquisite jewellery that captures the essence of the season? In this listicle, we invite you to discover a curated collection of dazzling jewels that go beyond mere adornment—they tell a tale of elegance, sentiment, and timeless beauty.

Unwrap the allure of our carefully selected pieces, each intricately designed to reflect the festive spirit. From glistening ornaments that mirror the twinkle of Christmas lights to delicate charms that embody the warmth of holiday traditions, our jewellery selection is a symphony of style.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a cherished someone or treating yourself to a touch of holiday glamour, there are a spectrum of choices. Sparkling diamonds, rich gemstones, and lustrous metals come together to form a dazzling array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

Gargi by PNGS’ exclusive gold and diamond collection

Continuing its fabulous tradition of introducing high-quality jewellery, Gargi by PNGS has launched its gold and diamond jewellery for this festive season. The brand has unveiled its 14 ct real diamond gold jewellery pieces certified by IGI for authenticity. It will be available in gold, rose gold, and white gold. This delightful collection of real diamonds will come with certificates in the packaging and add a tremendous style quotient to Indian women’s festive wardrobes.

 Price on request.
Available online.

Savante Collection from Etchcraft Emporium

Etchcraft Emporium, a leading name in customised jewellery and timepieces, has unveiled the Savante Collection. Etchcraft has consistently pushed the boundaries of personalised luxury and is known to offer instant customisation and engraving services within just 15 minutes. The Savante Collection, a symphony of sophistication and individuality, seamlessly blending the delicacy of dainty charmswith the allure of semi-precious stones, is set to redefine the landscape of premium personalised accessories. Each piece in the collection is a precious statement, a manifestation of elegance and charm. These pieces aren’t just accessories; they are a reflection of the wearer’s distinctive style and 
refined taste featuring bold and stunning one-of-a-kind designs. 

Price starts at Rs 999.
Available online. 


Navrathan Jewellers’ exquisite diamond jewellery collection 

Navrathan Jewellers has launched two new collections this festive season. It features the enchanting allure of polki diamonds and precious gemstones artfully interwoven with luminous pearls for party wear, as well as an exclusive collection of dainty diamond jewellery for everyday wear.  

In the polki collection, the radiance of gold gracefully encircles the neck, complemented by the brilliance of polki diamonds and precious gemstones, with pearls adding a touch of opulence.  

One of the highlights of this collection is the traditionally handcrafted choker, meticulously adorned with polki diamonds and precious gemstones, emanating an unmatched regal aura. Every piece in this collection exudes the remarkable craftsmanship for which Navrathan Jewellers is renowned for, ensuring that these necklaces stand as symbols of unparalleled royalty and refinement.

The brand proudly showcases exquisitely crafted Lakshmi motifs in this collection, exemplifying the embodiment of elegance and tradition. This elegant set, adorned with these divine motifs, is sure to captivate all with its resplendent and sparkling allure, adding a touch of timeless grace to any ensemble.

The diamond jewellery collection from Navrathan Jewellers offers a range of options, from delicate necklaces that effortlessly accentuate any attire, to elegant earrings and bracelets that add a touch of sparkle to every moment. 

What sets the minimal diamond jewellery collection apart is its versatility. Whether it’s a festive soirée, an intimate family gathering, or a casual outing with friends, these pieces seamlessly transition from day to night, effortlessly enhancing the wearer’s grace and charm.

Price on request.
Available online.


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