Minnie Menon launches her new collection of latest stone jewellery for her fifth anniversary in 2018

Chennai entrepreneur Minnie Menon's latest collection of stone jewellery is what every girl needs to own right now
Minnie Menon
Minnie Menon

In 2013, Minnie Menon, one of the most popular faces in Chennai’s social circles, turned jewellery designer, by launching her bespoke brand, MM Jewellery at Mehta Jewellery in the city. As her brand turns five this year, she is all set to ring it in, with the launch of a new collection.

Minnie, who comes from an advertising and marketing background, has always loved wearing and collecting statement pieces, and she says that it was this love that inspired her to create her own line of jewellery, using semi-precious stones. As her brand turns five this year, she is all set to ring it in, with the launch of a new collection.

Old and new
Minnie is ringing in the fifth anniversary of her brand with a grand event hosted by her daughter comedienne Anu Menon along with anchor/emcee, Paloma Rao. The invite-only event at ITC Grand Chola will see Minnie unveil her new collection titled, Play On Gemstones, Play On, along with a fashion show. Talking about the new collection, that has 99 pieces, Minnie says, “From the very beginning, my design aesthetic was ‘romancing the stone.’ Semi-precious stones with their many hues, textures, tones and shapes have been my inspiration. I’ve unearthed and selected these stones with great care and created a one-of-a-kind, limited edition collection.” All pieces in the collection, Minnie says, promise to be elegant and trendy, sourced from Jaipur. From new-age gems like tree agates and bumblebee jaspers to more traditional ones like amethyst and onyx, this line has it all. “I make sure my pieces are aesthetically pleasing…mood elevators if you will,” she says. 

<em>Statement necklace</em>
Statement necklace

Retail therapy
The new collection will include more of Minnie’s personal favourites — pendants and highlight necklaces. That apart, the collection will also have earrings, statement cocktail rings, cuffs and men’s cufflinks. “All my creations are handmade and the stones are all encased in sterling silver,” she adds. Ask her why her brand does not have a presence online and she says, “I chose to retail exclusively out of Mehta Jewellery showroom, because I believe MM Jewelry is a high touchpoint business. I am not in the retail volume game, and neither do I believe in mass-produced jewellery. That is also why I have refrained from selling my jewellery online. Semi-precious stones are soft and do not react well to rough handling that happens during shipping,” she signs off.

<em>Signature cuffs</em>
Signature cuffs

From Rs 6,000 to Rs 40,000.

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