Azga adds a splash of quirk and class with their new collection Kilogram

Moving on from cufflinks and lapel pins for men, Azga launches bracelets and more for women   

Rebecca Vargese Published :  03rd August 2018 12:37 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd August 2018 12:37 PM


Azga’s creative head Namita Bhandari describes the process of naming her brand as ‘something organic and random; putting four letters that sounded good together’. However, there is nothing random in the statement pieces that her brand chooses to create. Modish and unique, the Jaipur-based brand that prides itself in uncompromising quality and handcrafted style has created for itself a niche with its men’s cufflinks, lapel pins, belt buckles and has deftly moved into the women’s segment with the launch of their latest collection Kilogram. Combining traditional Rajasthani handpainted artistry with Namita’s love for architectural design, the line is a blend of intricate Moroccan jaali work along with the block prints and colours of Jaipur.  

Home is where the heart is
Founded in 2013 by sisters Namita and Nikita Bhandari, the brand gained popularity by working with multiple elite designer labels in the industry, creating buttons, lapel pins and cufflinks, we learn, as the 28-year-old designer shares a couple of designer names with us off the record. Following their discovery in the country, the label recently was part of the Premiere Vision trade show in Paris and decided to launch their women’s collection before making inroads abroad. “We started out as being a niche brand for men, but the move towards creating women’s accessories was organic. It started out with making brooches and belt buckles and then progressed into the collection.” 

Sister act
Calling them handcrafted stories, the line, Kilogram features an array of bracelets, statement rings, lapel pins and necklaces. “Stories, because the collection is very personal; it is chic, minimal and delicate, very unlike our previous lines. Kilogram is the story of the brand, my sister is the Kilo and I am the Gram: Meaning there are two sides to each story and there is always more to than meets the eye. The collection is the culmination of fun doodling sessions,” she shares. Aimed towards an everyday casual look, the line includes reversible bracelets that make extensive use of floral patterns, evil eye talismans and words like faith, joy and believe.


Finishing touch
First, hand drawn on paper and then redesigned using a software to achieve a precise drawing, each piece is made of brass and hand finished by jewellery craftsmen in Jaipur. Extending her love for enamel into the Kilogram line, the motifs are then hand painted onto an enamel base and then glazed with another layer of enamel to preserve the painting. “It takes up to eight days with 20 artisans to create a batch,” Namita explains.  

Already onto her next collection that will release later in September, the jewellery design graduate from Pearl Academy asks us to look out for elaborate designs and colours, featuring the flora and fauna of the Rajasthan region. 

Rs 850 upwards. Available online.