Home decor: Designer JJ Valaya's new limited edition carpets for Cocoon Fine Rugs

Premier carpet brand Cocoon Fine Rugs, known for their classic Persian rugs rolls out their latest collection conceived by designer JJ Valaya

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  07th November 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th November 2018 12:00 AM

Qalamkari designs on fine rugs by designer JJ Valaya

Cocoon Fine Rugs, a premier carpet brand based out of Mumbai, known for their classic Persian rugs, weaved with the finest raw materials has collaborated with ace fashion designer J.J. Valaya for their latest line for limited edition rugs. Named Isfahan, the collection boasts of sophisticated, modern designs that draw inspiration from the famous architectural motifs of some of the oldest Persian cities in the world.

Farsh design by JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya’s passion for home accessories dates back to 1996 when he first started working with bespoke hand embroidered tapestries, which till date remain one of their key signatures. With Cocoon’s unmatched expertise of rug design and weaving and Valaya’s eye for distinctive design and attention to detail, the unique collection is exotic enough to turn into heirlooms.

The hand knotted rugs have been woven with natural, hand spun silk and fine, hand carded wool. A layered effect has been created in the rugs by intricate shearing and the designs include farshnakshband and qalamkari works.

Nakshband design on limited edition rugs by designer JJ Valaya 

When you step into Cocoon, you will enter a unique rug browsing experience. The sophisticated environs will remind you of a gallery where you can explore the various collections at leisure. At Cocoon, every carpet has a story to tell and the rugs are crafted to engage you in their narrative and draw you into their warmth.

With flagship galleries in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, the beautifully done-up galleries house exclusive contemporary rugs as well as oriental carpets with a fresh twist. Influenced by ancient folklore and Persian designs, Cocoon’s rugs are a fine blend of the classic with contemporary art. Available in different textures, colours and sizes to meet the unique requirements of each home, Cocoon’s extensive collections will ensure that your floors get all the attention.