British humour on your hoodies? That’s what Clove by Samyukta Nair and Ashish Gupta’s latest collection offers

Their Holiday Hoodie a sassy, sequin embellished ensemble and the muse is none other than high-fashion expert Rhea Kapoor.

Paulami Sen Published :  17th December 2019 06:36 PM   |   Published :   |  17th December 2019 06:36 PM

Rhea Kapoor is the muse for The Holiday Hoodie

Whenever the holiday season ensues, Mumbai-based entrepreneur Samyukta Nair, who helms the concept store Clove (also available on Instagram), figures out a way to pay a fashionable ode to it. Last year, she created perfect stocking stuffers, dandelion pyjamas and festive accessories. This time, she has collaborated with London-based designer Ashish Gupta to create The Holiday Hoodie — a limited collection to help you keep warm and create a style statement as well.


Ashish X Clove

untry’s most well-known fashionistas, Rhea Kapoor. She also happens to be Samyukta’s close friend and the one who introduced her to Ashish. “Rhea and I spend our free time hanging out, funnily a lot of the times were spent in hoodies, which is staple clothing if you know Rhea, and it has rubbed off on me. She is the one who introduced me to Ashish,” she shares. The 12-piece collection has three relaxed styles and is a nod to the cheer surrounding the season of Christmas and New Year holidays in her limited edition hoodies. One can expect these ‘not-so-basic’ hoodies to come in colours like red, black and grey. 

Samyukta Nair

One can also spot contrasted embroidery with special details — a rainbow motif designed by Ashish. He is known for his signature touch of glitter and sequins, which have been used as surface
embellishments to highlight catchphrases like ‘Champagne, diamonds and me’ and ‘I’d rather be at home’ — summing up the holiday mood. “These are hoodies for those Home Alone marathons as much as it is for good old parties,” adds Samyukta. Some of the hoodies also include a dash of dry British humour and they can easily become conversation starters. Ashish gives us his take on it, saying “Since the holidays can be quite stressful for some people, I wanted to use tongue-in-cheek humour which I think the introverts will love.”

The Holiday Hoodie by Ashish for Clove is priced at Rs 15,000.