Kolkata-based luxe brand Snato makes gorgeous organic soaps

Snato is the label making luxe, organic soaps which are skin care staples and Instagram accessories, all at once

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  22nd March 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd March 2019 12:00 AM

Rose geranium bars

The millennial generation is obsessed with clean beauty, and with good reason. Moving away from toxic parabens and sulphates sounds like a great plan, but most organically-produced beauty buys burn a hole in our pockets. If you relate to this struggle, let us introduce you to  Debasmita Bose’s label Snato. The Kolkata-based lifestyle brand makes luxury, organic handmade soaps with skin-nourishing ingredients, which are not just thrifty but also worthy of an Instagram post.

Snato's Ubtan soaps featuring goatmilk,organic turmeric powder and sandalwood oil

“'All my soaps are paraben-free and sulphate-free, they are completely organic and made with natural resources which are a skin care staple. The base of most of my soaps feature aloe vera, shea butter, goat milk. I'm also using some orange peels, mint leaves, and for the perfume I use essential oils," says Debosmita, who started the label in August last year. Snato's rose geranium soap bars, shaped like actual roses, feature dried rose petals and geranium oil, and are perhaps Debasmita’s biggest hit. “The rose geranium bars go out of stock in seconds!” she says with a laugh.

Snato's basil grapefruit bar featuring basil, grapefuit oil and shea butter

Debasmita tells us that almost all commercial, chemically-formulated soaps use external foaming agents, which is why they are harsh on your skin. Her label got its head-start when she herself was in need of naturally-sourced, gentler beauty essentials. “I actually started making my own soaps in 2017, as my skin reacted badly to chemical ones and even some pricier organic brands. I started putting thought into the design and gifted some of them to my relatives who really liked it,” says Debasmita, who is a qualified IT engineering professional.

Snato's cocoa orange bars featuring orange peels and dark chocolate

Snato’s soaps are incredibly versatile, as they can totally replace some of your regular bath essentials. “My ubtan soaps, for instance, have goat milk, organic turmeric powder, sandalwood oil, rice powder and orange peels. They are gentle exfoliators and can be a substitute for your face and body masks, upon regular usage. My charcoal bars can be very useful if you’re fighting acne, and since charcoal is dry, I make them with goat milk so they can retain the moisture. I blend these products with extreme thought,” she explains.

Snato's Neem Turmeric Charcoal Sandalwood soap enriched with activated charcoal and tea tree

You will notice all Snato products are delightfully packaged and make for cheerful bath accessories. The lavender cedarwood soaps, for example, have a tie-dye finish; they are incredibly moisturising and have an aroma that can help you de-stress after a long day. The orange cinnamon soap bars have a sweet citrus smell with woody hints, and are ideal if you’re suffering from skin inflammations. Snato’s products start from Rs 70 and go upto Rs 200. You can get in touch with the label’s Facebook or Instagram page to make a purchase.

Snato's Debasmita Bose

Debasmita is working to introduce shampoo bars, gels, lip balms this year, and she enthuses that Snato's range find takers among all ages.