This Hyderabad-based handloom collective's new range is a celebration of floral elements on delicate weaves 

It comprises breathable six-yard drapes, weighing less than 180 gms — designed to give saris a modern and edgy twist.

Paulami Sen Published :  22nd November 2019 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd November 2019 01:00 AM

Beautiful organza saris

It has only been a year since Hyderabad-based collective Inde’ loom, founded by Sandhya Tholi and Suren Chowdhary, put out their first collection. Since then, they have already carved a niche for themselves among those who love handcrafted outfits. The local label, known for working with artisans across various clusters in India, recently launched a Pure Silk Organza collection, The Floral Dance. It comprises breathable six-yard drapes, weighing less than 180 gms — designed to give saris a modern and edgy twist. As we speak to Suren over the phone, he tells us, “What makes these saris stand out are the bold motifs that you can spot — be it the sketches of a ballerina’s tutu or big flowers — they are immediate attention grabbers.”


Organza saris with bold motifs

The startup derives its name from the French word for India, that is Inde’ and loom, which is a symbol that instantly brings back the image of the indigenous weavers. These saris are artisanal, sustainable and made with natural fibres. The motifs include floral blooms of winter and they are recreated with safe and natural pigments. The thin weave and sheer quality of this fabric makes it look graceful. It also ensures that the hand-painted designs are reflected on both sides beautifully. 

Kota doria kurti

Suren also shares that only superior dyes and natural colours are used. So, as to make it safe for the skin and ensure that it does not bleed. Each sari takes about a week of work. We are also told that most of these artisans have over two decades of experience. With winter setting in, the bespoke variety is also available in silk, where motifs are customised in colours of the buyer’s choice. Saris that go by the names of Hibiscus Garden Florals in pink, Strelitzia Birds of Paradise and Peonies Blue Floral with golden buds, borrow from nature to highlight the beauty of magnolias, tulips, yellow poppies and lavenders. The Bird of Paradise is one of the most sought after saris from the range. We believe that they are perfect saris to make a fashion statement at a wedding! That apart, this collection also has kurtis with thread embroidery, crafted from the kota doria fabric in indigo dye, extracted from leaves. 


Dhaan jewellery 

More from Inde’ loom 
The label also offers eco-friendly accessories that are a perfect match for the saris. For instance, their Dhaan jewellery, crafted from raw paddy is coloured in natural dyes and isn’t harmful to the skin.
They also have tunics and kurtis, apart from organza saris. They have connected with more than 60 award-winning artisans to collaborate for the ensembles. 

Available online.
Rs 9,000 onwards.