Check out Swatch's funky monsoon special unisex watches

These colourful watches are water-resistant
Pastel Zebra from Swatch
Pastel Zebra from Swatch

With easy patterns, bright colours and thin, medium or thick, stripes, the latest Swatch watches targeting the monsoon season are really worth a glance. These unisex watches are totally water-resistant and add a refreshing spunk to any outfit. Stripes, which are very much trending this season add a cool depth through their multidimensional properties and one can never go wrong in them. Besides, the silicone and plastic straps make these wathces ideal for the monsoon and rainy season.

Check out the various styles offered:

<em>Sky Zebra from Swatch, Rs 5,350</em>
Sky Zebra from Swatch, Rs 5,350

Sky Zebra
Sky Zebra paints the sky with horizontal stripes in blue, pale green, black and white. The white dial definitely stimulates the imagination.

<em>Sea barcode from Swatch, Rs 5,350</em>
Sea barcode from Swatch, Rs 5,350

Sea Barcode
Life is better under the sea with Sea Barcode and its red, blue and navy blue shades. The day-date window on the dial helps you keep track of time when you’re playing on the beach or in the rains.

<em>Pastel Zebra from Swatch, Rs 5,350</em>
Pastel Zebra from Swatch, Rs 5,350

Pastel Zebra
Cotton candy colours decorate Pastel Zebra that comes in light pink, purple and blue hues. The shiny loop and shiny case add a magical touch.

Price starts from Rs 5,350

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