Bodements, one of the best known vintage portals from Mumbai comes to Hyderabad for the first time

You can shop for ensembles from this label at multi-designer store Reina in Film Nagar, where they will be stationed till the end of February.

Paulami Sen Published :  31st January 2020 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  31st January 2020 01:00 AM

An ensemble from Bodements

If you have been thinking of taking a break from fast fashion and delving into the world of vintage, then it is an ideal start to check out Mumbai-based label Bodements. They happen to be one of India’s largest collection of vintage and designer pieces and accessories. You can shop for ensembles from this label at multi-designer store Reina in Film Nagar, where they will be stationed till the end of February.
Last year, the brand acquired quite a bit of popularity a few months ago after designing an ensemble for actress Swara Bhasker with her grandmother’s sari

Red haute!

From Dior to Chanel
Founded by Divya Saini, she and partner Martin Letellier-Marida helm an enviable repertoire of vintage brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior and non-branded ones as well, that has often been picked up from the streets of Paris. Divya says, “It is our first time in Hyderabad and we are excited to be part of their curation because just like us, the multi-designer store we are showcasing in advocates for a wiser and more sustainable fashion industry.” Martin shares how they would often get messages requesting for pop-ups here. He adds, “We chose the best pieces we have in our 300 product strong inventory. By the way, all the pieces they will be showcasing are exclusive and were never exhibited yet!”

Swara Bhasker

Steeped in history
The idea that gave birth to the label was conceived around two years ago when Divya was taking a stroll in a beautiful vintage market in Paris sourcing for her upcoming shoot. “It was the beauty and unique styles of these garments that made me get quite a few of them back here for my friends and I,” adds the stylist, who confesses she had no easy access to such clothing in any part of the country before. She reiterates that she has always had a strong attraction for vintage not only for its aesthetics but also what it stands for. It is sustainable and gives clothes a new lease of life. Martin, who is a Parisian, tells us how vintage has always been a part of his wardrobe. “However, joining Divya in this adventure really made me see the beauty in this new way of dressing in a more sustainable way,” he states. 

Super chic

Most of the clothes that will be on display in the city are sourced from Europe and Japan — two countries that offer high-quality materials and unique designs. One glance at their aesthetic Instagram page or website shows what they offer. People can expect a rare selection of dresses, vintage Levis denim, long jackets and colourful shirts with edgy one-of-a-kind motifs and some elegant shoes that you might not find anywhere else. Curation is the key for this label. Divya shares, “When we are sourcing we can spend hours contemplating on if we should take a piece or not, regardless of the brand. We also go through a strenuous quality check with each garment. At Bodements, every garment we take is a fashion statement that can be easily paired with your existing wardrobe.”

Non-branded pieces start Rs 1,800.
Designer garments start at Rs 7,000.