Fight COVID-19 in style with designer Abhishek Dutta's convertible collection

Abhishek Dutta has come up with a ritzy convertible COVID-19 special collection

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  15th July 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th July 2020 12:00 AM

Jacket with in-built masks and gloves by Abhishek Dutta

With designerwear taking a back seat and masks, gloves and PPE kits becoming an integral part of our lives, courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the spring-summer collections of renowned designers are gathering dust. But designer Abhishek Dutta has managed to take sustainability to a different level altogether.

Resolved not to let his summer collection, Tribal Junkie, go to waste, the couturier has reinvented and redone the entire collection to come up with a very jazzy and quirky edit fully geared to face the pandemic. Aptly named the Tribal Junkie 2.0, this COVID-19 special collection comes with an entire range of inbuilt and detachable masks and gloves besides some very quirky accessories to go with them.

“I didn’t want my collection to lie idle and hence re-fitted it with all the necessary in-built gears that are fully detachable. This way, the clothes do not become useless once the pandemic is over and you can happily wear them without the masks or gloves too,” says the designer, who believes in a zero-wastage policy. We had a chat with the trailblazing fashion exponent on his latest innovations. Excerpts:

Jacket with inbuilt masks

Tell us a little about your special COVID-19 collection.

Since sustainability is the key to survival now, I thought of turning my existing summer collection into something that’s geared to face the COVID-19 threat. Since designerwear is relatively expensive, I thought of coming up with something that won’t go to waste once the pandemic is over. Hence all the masks and gloves are completely detachable. The jackets have high-collared masks with three layers to give you protection. There are also in-built, detachable gloves, which can be easily tucked inside the hidden pockets underneath the sleeves. The jumpsuits and sari blouses come with extended masks that otherwise fall off like collars. The bandhgalas too have wrap-around masks. The saris are all anti-virus and teflon-coated to prevent perforation. And we are also using anti-virus fabrics.

Jacket with inbuilt masks

What are the other accessories in the collection?

Since every other designer is making masks nowadays, we thought of making it more sustainable by turning the masks into convertible mini pouches with two side zippers, so that when you no longer need them, you can carry your tiny make-up or other knickknacks in it.

Then there are fanny bags with built-in PPE kits, which you can wear when you need them. The PPE kits are made of plastic which is attractive, re-usable and fully washable. They don’t look boring and have fabric appliqué and digital print work all over them, to set them apart from the regular PPE kits. We also have 3D moulded masks with leather carved designs and two layers of cotton fabric, making them breathable and stylish. Besides, there are snazzy, matching anti-virus iPad and laptop sleeves for office goers.

Abhishek Dutta's latest COVID-19 special collection

What measures should one take when it comes to dressing up today?

Try to wear full sleeves at all times to ward off the virus. Use masks and gloves and to rev up the look match them with your outfits or go for contrasting shades. Add a head accessory like a cap that can give you protection and make a fashion statement too. Wear something comfortable and not voluminous. Stick to simple outfits like drainpipe trousers, culottes, nice tops or shirts, and jumpsuits that will keep you relaxed and comfortable. If you are wearing a sari, drape it close and ensure that the pallu doesn’t drag behind, which is not hygienic. Wear full-sleeve shirts or cropped T-shirts with the saris to look different.

Should one opt for anti-virus fabrics?

Definitely, because it makes for excellent workwear since there are lots of people around. If you are going for small get-togethers then you might wear normal fabrics, but be sure to sanitise and wash them after a single wear.