Newly launched soap label Handcrafted uses flowers, fruits and vegetables to make gentle cleansers

This new handmade soap brand by Kadambari Gupte keeps it natural with local fresh produce
Handcrafted's Coffee Shea Butter soap
Handcrafted's Coffee Shea Butter soap

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely changed the way life used to be for everyone around the world. And more many still, the lockdown has offered an opportunity to delve deep within and discover hidden talents. Publicist Kadambari Gupte, who just launched her handmade soap brand Handcrafted Soaps by Kadambari, sure is one of them. 

The busy professional has just found a soapmaker in herself. "I started out of sheer love for experimenting and doing new things. Hand-crafted exotic soaps always used to entice me and I always had a desire to make one for a long time. The lockdown spared me with the time to learn it perfectly," tells Kadambari

<em>Cinnamon Shea Butter soap </em>
Cinnamon Shea Butter soap 

For making the cleansing bars, Kadambari has used natural and safe ingredients including vegetables, flowers, fruits and spices infused with essential oils that are mild on the skin. "Coconut oil, which is extremely beneficial for the skin and hair is the key ingredient in all my soaps and shea butter as the base," adds Kadambari. 

The soaps are freshly made on order basis and leave the skin smooth with a hint of natural scent. While there are many soap labels, what makes Handcrafted soaps special is the promise to keep it absolutely natural, stresses Kadambari. 

<em>Sundried rose petal combination soap with shea butter</em>
Sundried rose petal combination soap with shea butter

The flower-based sops include Rose Petal and Mogra. The fruit and vegetable-based soaps include Orange,  Lemon, Cucumber-Aloe, Papaya, Aloe Vera Carrot & Chia Seeds, Lemongrass & Peppermint bars.

The spice-based cleansing bars include  Rosemary,  Turmeric,  Cinnamon and  Saffron soaps. There are other interesting and exotic combinations as well including Neem Oats & Honey, Honey Vanilla Bean,  Coffee Charcoal and Besan.

<em>Rosemary herb natural soap</em>
Rosemary herb natural soap

All the soaps are available in two sizes, rectangle and oval besides a special massage bar-shaped soap.

These soaps are primarily delivered in Mumbai, but they also courier to different cities across the country. Minimum order: two soaps. Price is between Rs 150 and Rs 450. You can order through Insta handle @soapsbykadambari  

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