Doodlage’s Summer ‘20 collection, Ukiyo-E, references the Edo art form

author_img Rashmi Rajagopal Published :  30th July 2020 04:23 PM   |   Published :   |  30th July 2020 04:23 PM

Ukiyo-E, a Japanese art form from the Edo period, often depicting kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, snapshots of ancient folk tales and erotica, forms the basis of Delhi-based eco-conscious brand Doodlage’s Summer 2020 collection Ukiyo-E: Art of The Floating World. While the style of the artwork does have some influence on the garments, it’s the thought that went into each of those creations that really spoke to Kriti Tula, one of the co-founders of the label. The word ‘Ukiyo,’ which loosely translates to ‘living for the moment’ is what set the tone for the limited edition drop. 

Stitch in time
Launched in 2012, Doodlage was born out of the need to do something about all the unused fabric that ends up in landfills. Essentially, it turns waste into beautiful clothes, such as the pieces that make up the current collection. Solid neutral colours, oversized silhouettes and tiny embroidery details mark the art-inspired line. Crafted for comfortable all-day wear, each piece is finished with French seams and can either be dressed up or down with the right accessories, and is even ideal for travel. “This is the first of the few collections designed under the Ukiyo-e theme for 2020. The aim is to upcycle close to 2000 - 2500 meters of factory waste through this,” explains the designer. Some of the most interesting pieces from the line include the double-layered tunic, the four-pocket multi-hued high-waisted trousers created from patches and the oversized tunic with side slits all the way up to the midriff.

Wired in
Overall, it has been well received. However, like many other designers, the unveiling of the new edit has not been easy. “The launch of Summer ‘20 has been focused online, promoting the collection with content and educating the consumer about all kinds of processes. We have also taken the time to connect with like-minded people to share their lifestyle with our audience and inspire them to practice sustainability in their lifestyle one step at a time. We believe this is the first time people have time for education and experimentation,” says Kriti. And even as the ongoing crisis has given Kriti and her team the opportunity to get their message across, it has also steered them towards the path of collaborations. “A lot of collaborations and co-creation projects are in the pipeline. We are hoping to launch five to six short collections with some like-minded designers before the end of the year,” reveals Kriti, signing off. 

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