Tolly star Anirban Bhattacharya looks smashing in Abhishek Dutta's jazzy summer edit

Tolly actor Anirban Bhattacharya unveils five looks from Abhishek Dutta’s summer menswear edit

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  27th March 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th March 2020 12:00 AM

Anirban Bhattacharya

If bugs ruled Abhishek Dutta’s winter-festive edit, it is bright floral and tribal prints that dominate the summer collection by the designer this time. Aptly named Tribal Junkie, Dutta’s summer collection goes beyond the predictable neutral shades of whites, beiges, blacks and blues and experiments with brighter, bolder shades of colours. “This year, my summer collection is very bright and bold with tribal motifs, geometric patterns and hints of floral designs in the attires. There are a lot of interesting silhouettes and tape detailing that lend it a very sporty look, and is definitely a much-needed break from the very predictable print-on-print look,” explains Abhishek Dutta.

The collection has an interesting line-up including shirts, bomber jackets, easy-to-wear shirt jackets with no lining, shirt kurtas, breeches, bundis or Nehru jackets, sleeveless waistcoats, sleeveless tie-on jackets, 3/4th pants, dhoti-style cowl pants and wraparound pants. The entire collection is made of light, handwoven natural fabrics including cotton, linen and linen denim and are in bright shades of yellow, bottle green and rusty browns, besides the usual neutral shades.

Anirban Bhattacharya is wearing a cotton printed lapel collar, tribal printed jacket with tape detailing, teamed with a pair of cropped slim-fit pants by Abhishek Dutta

The most interesting sartorial trend that’s noticeable this year, cutting across all designer labels, is the introduction of summer jackets. “Summers are no longer about shirts and t-shirts, even in humid and hot tropical countries. Summer jackets are now a very integral part of any fashionable summer wardrobe. Men want to dress up well during summers as well. The jackets are all made with thinner fabrics like linen and cotton, and make your evening look complete,” says the designer.

There are also a lot of interesting kurtashirts, which are relaxed in nature. “They are not very body-hugging and have very stylish and impressive plackets like asymmetrical plackets and double plackets, which kind of define the collection this year,” offers Abhishek. When it comes to the prints, one can’t overlook the influence of very striking miniature and oversized bold prints in Dutta’s menswear. There’s also a bit of geometry and tribal motifs thrown in with the floral patterns being seamlessly incorporated in the ensemble.

“The florals are not feminine and there’s no pink flower in the collection. The floral motifs are all very edgy and a bit pixellated, giving it a very grungy look. The colours of the fabric too are also very contrasting. If the base is off-white then the prints are in olive green or bright canary yellow. The bomber jackets have nice sequins, appliques and metallics, and hence, they are not simple in design by any measure,” adds the couturier, who is known for his odd quirks.

Anirban is wearing a tribal geometric printed cotton shirt kurta with double placket and asymmetrical hemline by Abhishek Dutta

Dutta feels that overall, the collection spells fun and reflects his fun side. “I enjoy my work a lot and that’s always reflected in my designs. It’s for the young at heart who never shies away from experimenting,” he adds. The colours, textures and detailing are replete with quirk and grunge, and the subtle leather detailing, such as a thin band collar, adds more fun to the whole look, giving it a nice effect.

Dutta’s collection also has options for summer weddings, which usually are more relaxed and comfortable. “Men now go for an Indo-Western look rather than Westerns or traditional wear. There are jodhpuris teamed up with bomber jackets and shirt-kurtas that are not too long, which can be teamed up with interesting churi pants and cowl pants and since they are made out of thin fabrics, they are perfect for outdoor weddings too,” he mentions.

Since no look is complete without the right pair of footwear, Dutta has also come up with an impressive line-up of shoes in contrasting colours to go with your attire. “This limited edition of shoes have quirky prints in linen with leather toe. This time, we have used a lot of coloured leather, including shades of lilac and canary yellow. Here are five exclusive looks from Dutta’s collection, donned by none other than Tollywood sensation, the young and talented actor, Anirban Bhattacharya.

Anirban is wearing a graphic tribal printed bomber shirt jacket with tape detailing, teamed with linen breeches

Summer style tips by Abhishek

Go for lighter fabrics like linen, which is very much in this season. Wear shirts and jackets made of linen in different colours. Don’t shy away from experimenting with colours beyond the usual whites, greys and black. The bright pastel colours can also be tried. But if you are cagey, then opt for the lighter pastels like a light coral pink. It’s not supposedly a male colour, but looks nice.

Besides, try aqua colours and bottle green, which is in trend this summer. The summer look is incomplete without the right accessories like the perfect pair of shades and shoes. Go for a variety of shades, be it retro glasses or steampunk glasses and coloured glasses for night parties to add more funk to your look.

Fashion fitness and diet tips by Anirban

“I usually love wearing denim and shirts. I hail from a mofussil town and hence, was quite ill-fashioned according to the film industry standards, with no exposure to the fashion trends. But as all professions have their influence on you, my acting profession too has influenced my fashion style. I may not be fashion conscious or I may lack judgement, but I love experimenting with clothes and looks. Like, for Dwitiyo Purush’s premiere, I loved wearing a blazer for the first time, and I wish to wear a tuxedo sometime in the future for a premiere. I also love wearing kurta pyjama a lot and blue, black and white are my favourite colours, though I love playing with colours and textures.

Anirban is wearing a cotton sequined appliqued bomber jacket with thin leather collar, teamed with breeches and linen, printed tie-on shoes with golden leather toe

I prefer wearing natural fabrics like cotton and linen only. Among accessories, watches, especially sporty ones, are something I am weak for. I believe that fashion is something that shouldn’t change you, and overpower you and transform you into somebody else. It should enhance your personality more. When it comes to food, I have a very boring diet, since I eat to live and not the other way round. I usually have homemade food, and eat rice only twice or thrice a week.

Food usually comprises plain handmade rotis and chicken stew for me, and I can survive on them for months. I don’t follow any particular diet, but ensure that whatever I eat is healthy and less on oil. I have never really gone for rigorous exercise regimens. Since my theatre days, the rehearsals have been so strenuous and physically demanding that they have always kept me fit. I don’t like sculpted bodies, rather a little bit of imperfection adds to an actor’s looks.”

Make-up and hair: Bhaskar Biswas / Model: Anirban Bhattacharya / Clothes, accessories and shoes: Abhishek Dutta / Pictures: Tathagata Ghosh / Location courtesy: Novotel Kolkata