Genes Lecoanet Hemant’s Love in Black and White is a celebration of minimalism and craft

Designer Hemant Sagar talks to us about what to expect..

author_img Rashmi Rajagopal Published :  23rd October 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd October 2020 12:00 AM

In their latest collection, Love In Black And White, Indo-French designer duo Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar attempt to tell a story in black and white. However, the colour palette aside, the garments are anything but minimal. Finding inspiration from the personal storyboard of Creative Director, Didier, the pieces in the line are detailed with inlays, patchwork and handmade drawings. We spoke to Hemant about their latest work, their Ayurvedic clothing line Ayurganic and what the future holds for the duo:

What is the story behind this collection?
With Love in Black and White, we have travelled inwards. It is a journal of our creative musings, thoughts and hopes.

You have used a lot of textures and typography in this collection. Was that something that you had planned to do or did it happen organically?
There was a deliberate attempt to imbibe the “human feel” in the clothes, through prints and textures. However, the handmade drawings and intuitive construction techniques were very organic and spontaneous.

What was your experience working on this offbeat collection?
For us, this was a way to greet our atelier and acknowledge and appreciate the opportunity to come back and work with people who are deeply passionate. It was personal and intimate.

As the collection is a reinvention of classic pieces from the archives, could you explain how you have achieved this?
Classic shirts and t-shirts have been treated as a canvas. Through inlay, patchwork and handmade drawings, we have infused it with new life. The pieces are contemporary and expressive.

Tell us about the textile manipulations and construction techniques you have used.
A shirt was playfully combined with a T-shirt. A piece of T-shirt sleeve cut into the shape of a heart, was inlaid on a shirt. The construction techniques and manipulations appreciate the artistry of garment making but at the same time are imaginative and current.

What was the reasoning behind making it completely black and white?
Black and white took us to the basics, empty canvases filled with possibilities.

What is new with Ayurganic? What can your customers expect from you on that front?
With Ayurganic, we are looking at introducing new hues and extending the curated range of lifestyle products.

What else are you working on at the moment?
We are very excited as we are working on an upcycled collection for fall. It will have classical elements with a strong essence of our Parisian heritage and purposeful design at its heart.

Rs.3,000 upwards. Available online.