Homegrown label Suta's wedding edit, Raga, is elegant, to say the least

Experimental tints and tertiary colours of popular wedding hues define Suta's wedding edit
Suta's wedding edit, Raga
Suta's wedding edit, Raga

Their resolve to merge elegance with handcrafted weaves led to the creation of the immensely popular online brand Suta in 2016. We’re talking about the sisters Sujata and Taniya Biswas, who founded the homegrown sustainable brand leaving behind very cushy corporate jobs. Working with over 1,500 weavers, Suta thrives on offering authentic weaves at affordable prices.

What’s best about the brand is the way it pairs saris with playful blouses in modern cuts and silhouettes, capturing the fashion sensibilities of an aspiring, urban, young woman. The brand just unveiled their wedding collection Raga and we spoke with the sisters about the wedding fashion trends this year. Excerpts:

<em>Suta's wedding edit, Raga</em>
Suta's wedding edit, Raga

What will be the mood board like this season?

This wedding season will be very different because of the pandemic and the shift in perspectives. Everything handmade will be lapped up since we have started valuing local crafts more now. Nostalgia is big this season with timeless, classic styles making a comeback. Outfits that could be passed on as heirlooms, with rich embroidery and traditional motifs are desired. Also, nature is a very popular theme this year as we crave to be outdoors.

<em>Suta's wedding edit, Raga</em>
Suta's wedding edit, Raga

What does Raga as a collection comprise?

We will be looking back at traditional Indian wedding colours like reds, pinks, purple, greens and yellow through a modern perspective. We are bringing out experimental tints and tertiary colours of popular wedding hues. We are also going all-in on metallic additions to the colours and playing with zari. Neutral shades with happy pastel accents are also part of it.

What silhouettes will be in trend?

Silhouettes might not be relevant this season as more and more brides are discovering their own sense of style. The focus instead, will be on styling. Layering will be in trend as protection is the biggest priority. Away-from-the-body and comfortable might be the only two criteria when it comes to silhouettes. The rest of the specifics can be experimented with to create your own statement.

<em>Suta's wedding edit, Raga</em>
Suta's wedding edit, Raga

Fabrics to bet on?

For weddings, comfortable yet celebratory fashion is the need and so a lot of mixing and matching of fabrics will work well. Cotton could be a very popular under-layer with more sheer, lustrous fabric on top.

What are three interesting blouse styles that a bride can play around with?

A lot of brides are making the smart choice of buying blouses that can double up as parts of other outfits as well. Reversible blouses could be a great choice. Brides can choose a shiny silk fabric on one side and a beautiful ikat on the other side to dress up or dress down. Blouses with multiple layers will also work wonderfully as they can be styled in various ways. Indo-western cuts with traditional fabrics can also stand out.

<em>Suta's wedding edit, Raga</em>
Suta's wedding edit, Raga

What are the collections you are working on?

We are working on a Banarasi collection as well as some plain, pure silks with dual shades. There’s also an organza collection with hand embroidery besides Jamdani silks and handwoven Tussar saris with heavy and detailed embroidery.

The price range of Raga is between Rs 2,700 and Rs 2,900 for saris and Rs 1,950 and Rs 3,800 for blouses.



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