Vijayshree Sovani makes designer jewellery more accessible   

Vijayshree Sovani is using her expertise to make designer jewellery more accessible

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  16th April 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th April 2021 12:00 AM

Vijayshree Sovani Designs

Jewellery designing was not an expected career choice for Vijayshree Sovani, given that she belonged to a family of engineers. But she knew she had an artistic bent of mind that led her to find her creative calling in visualising contemporary silver jewellery for women. Armed with a degree in designing, she started gathering experience by working with a few jewellery houses before launching her eponymous label. “The aim was to demystify the designer part of designer jewellery. For most of us, it is something expensive and unaffordable. I wanted to change that and give the design experience to everyone,” Vijayshree shares with us, adding, “I now operate completely online with the backend support provided by my mother. That way, I move to all stations and still remain operationally effective.” The Delhi-based couturier gives us an insight into her new edit, KaMsakya. Excerpts:

Your new edit takes inspiration from Mughal architectures...

I have used brass as a base in this collection that‘s inspired by floral, jali and dome patterns of the Mughal architecture, which has always been an alluring muse for all designers.

How often do you come out with a collection?

I come out with a new collection whenever I get inspired by something. No collection is made for the sake of sales volume. Sometimes the inspiration comes months after I have seen something that inspires me, a sight or handicraft or architecture. As for my Carved Marvel collection, the enthralling beauty and grandeur of Khajuraho temples lingered in my thoughts for more than a year before it fruited into the collection.

In the melee of the jewellery brands selling ethnic pieces, how does your brand stand out?

Each piece at Vijayshree Sovani Designs has an underlying thought. Traditional art forms like Madhubani paintings, Sanjhi art, different embroidery stitches, Mehendi patterns, design motifs like the paisley and ancient pottery motifs, all act as inspirations behind each of these collections. The sheer power of transforming a stone and a piece of metal into something divine; is what makes our pieces stand out.

What are the metals you use to make your jewellery?

My favourite metal is silver. With its gorgeous colour and low-cost factor and the inherent ability to sync with any coloured precious or non-precious stone, Meena work or pearls — make silver my go-to metal. My brass edit has also garnered much appreciation from my regular patrons.

Future plans?

It’s my dream to make a collection inspired by each and every art form in India. Being an Army officer’s wife I had the opportunity to travel across the length and breadth of the country witnessing various local arts. I want to replicate my experiences in my collections