How Nyumi founder Ananya Agarwal is attempting to make vitamins cool

The entrepreneur launched her brand of vitamins in the form of gummies earlier this year

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Gummies from Nyumi

Earlier this year, beauty entrepreneur, Ananya Agarwal, launched her brand Nyumi - daily vitamins for women in the form of gummies. Said to be a blend of Indian herbs and modern science, the gummies come in five variants geared to improve sleep, hair, skin, immunity and urinary tract wellness. The vitamins are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free and have no artificial colour or added flavour. Ananya tells us more about what to expect from Nyumi…

Ananya Agarwal
Ananya Agarwal

Whom is Nyumi geared for?
Nyumi is focused on everyday wellness for women. Today, more than 70 per cent of urban Indian women are nutrient deficient. A woman’s biology requires different nutrients to keep her healthy through every stage of life. Regular signs of deficiency like acne, hair fall, fatigue, insomnia or food cravings are rarely treated at the root. Nyumi has been created for women on the go, to be an easy-to-access health partner in their journey.

Tell us about the ingredients.
Developed in Germany, Nyumi gummies blend Indian herbs with Western nutrients. We have five multivitamin products across health, beauty and sleep that each have different benefits focused on healthy hair, radiant skin, immune support, restful sleep and urinary tract health. Every ingredient is checked not just for nutritional benefits, but also for quality of source, clinical reports and compatibility with other ingredients. Our ingredients include patented curcumin, cranberry extract, tagara root, hyaluronic acid, biotin, chamomile and melatonin, amongst others. Our multi-nutrient gummies are created with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that work well in their respective dosage. They cater to your overall nutritional needs, instead of delivering just one nutrient.

What made you want to create these products?
At Olin, my undergrad engineering college, I was taught how to think. I learned not only how to design the best solutions, but how to find the actual problem. This is how I realised that a fundamental problem with vitamins today is that they were designed in labs without thinking about the actual consumer. As I talked to actual consumers, I realised that no one enjoyed taking their vitamins and the majority never finished a full vitamin course – some pills are too large to swallow, others make you nauseous, some just tasted bad. Today, we have the best chefs working on making healthy food taste good, we have the best trainers making workouts fun, so why is no one fixing the vitamin aisle? Vitamins are only effective if you take them regularly. Rather than simply focusing on making a yummy gummy, my engineering instincts kicked in to reinvent the vitamin altogether and build the best product in terms of efficacy and nutrition. We put together a team of nutritionists and pharmacists across India and Germany to build a better vitamin that blended the best of Indian and Western sciences together. This is how we created a cleaner, safer and better vitamin that also tastes delicious.