Kaleen’s non-toxic and natural fibre rugs are a great eco-friendly option

Kaleen's vision is to become an all-inclusive rug storehouse

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Pure Life by Kaleen

Kaleen’s latest line of rugs and broadloom reflects the philosophy of conscious living and holistic development of man and nature. They are 100 per cent natural sans any toxic chemicals making it eco-friendly. Radhe Rathi - Founder and Managing Director of Kaleen India take us through the edit, Pure Life, and also the bigger picture behind Kaleen. Excerpts:

Tell us about the new collection and the inspiration behind it.

Kaleen India brings a series of area rugs and broadloom- Pure Life. As the name suggests, these rugs are 100 per cent natural - from the utilisation of non-toxic chemicals to the all-natural wool to the eco-friendly dyeing process and latex inspired by the growing need for sustainable and environmentally conscious products, this line of rugs is made on hand-looms in India. Each rug in the series is biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic in nature. These cozy, warm rugs are a conscious choice towards sustainable living. 

What is the colour palette like?

The colour palette of Pure Life collection is all-natural wool, mostly shades of white, grey, brown depending on the breed of the sheep. We use no oils in the production of this broadloom, no harmful chemicals, and all-natural glue. Some rugs are dyed in GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved organic colour with a rich texture refined pattern.

What is the design philosophy?

We wanted to create a green product line for Kaleen, that reflects the philosophy of conscious living and holistic development of man and nature. Non-toxic and re-purposed products lower the impact on the planet and fit perfectly well with the well-being of the home & living environment. PURE LIFE Area rugs and broadlooms are completely handmade reducing the carbon footprint during their process of creation. It is a part of our purposeful design projects for a healthy ecosystem. 

Give us a brief about the brand and its journey.

Kaleen India is a passion-driven rug company that finds its origin in a 50-year-old textile family business. Counted amongst the global pioneers in manufacturing and distribution of multi-category floor-coverings, the brand works with 3200 + local artisans in its birthland India to create thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted area rugs and broadloom. At Kaleen, every rug we make brings to life an old craft, while fitting perfectly well into the spaces of today.
Our journey started back in 1966 with the setup of a textile trading company, by Late Shivkishan Rathi when he left his home Bikaner at a young age in the trail of a dream. His aspirations turned into reality with the inception of a flourishing family-owned fabric business a few years later. Having acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of textiles, and a wish to move a step further, we made floors our muse and rugs our fervour. The outcome of which gave birth to the beginning of our rug story in the United States and India with the Kaleen business in 1996.  

Moving a limb back to its roots, Kaleen rugs and broadlooms was established in India by son Radhe Rathi, weaving distinctive high-quality carpets amidst the tranquil roots of Bikaner, Panipat and Mirzapur while setting footprints across the globe. Today, it stands tall as one of the largest rug makers in the country with a consumer base in 50+ countries, three manufacturing units as well as distribution centres around major cities of the world. Our state-of-the-art factories spread over half a million sqft equipped with an integrative team of artisans and designers, enables us the opportunity to create for creators’ with limitless design possibilities. From sophisticatedly understated to strikingly bold, each rug evokes a unique charm through its cuts, loops, knots, colours, patterns and design. 

How do you predict the trends in the first quarter of 2021?

New Trends in any product or experiences should help people to live, work and play in tomorrow’s world. At Kaleen we believe in Design Independence, or what I like to call rug democracy which can build a strong user-centred design ‘language’ and fine-tune the self-expression onto a rug. This can increase the scale of innovation in the making and at the same time build the creative capacity of the people involved in its creation. Like the artisans. Eco-conscious rugs, Colour expedition, and freedom of design with exploration shapes and textures will be the new trend in the handloom rug industry, both domestic and internationally. 

Future plans?  

Our future plan is to enhance the rug buying and co-creating experience of the consumer. Textile floor coverings are a popular and very essential part of home interiors and decor, therefore buying or customising decisions sometimes becomes very complex and hard. At Kaleen, we are working to redefine this process and making this decision simpler, experiential, tactile and fun.