Pranay Baidya’s SS’21 edit Oporajito is a tale of the unvanquished in gorgeous weaves

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  12th March 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th March 2021 12:00 AM

Pranay Baidya's summer edit Oporajito

2021 is indeed a special year, especially in terms of emerging unscathed out of one of the most stifling and scary global pandemics. In tune with the undying spirit, designer Pranay Baidya has come up with a breezy Spring-Summer collection, Oporajito — The Unvanquished, a continuation of the label’s Calcutta 1964 series inspired by costumes for Satyajit Ray’s cinema.

An ode to the undefeated spirit and resilience of the fashion design and textile communities, the edit is an ensemble of timeless saris, blouses and men’s kurta sets in regional weaves including khadi, muslin, mulberry silk from West Bengal, and Chanderi, Maheshwari and tissue textiles from Madhya Pradesh. The spring festive intimate collection in striped Chanderi, Maheshwari, Matka Silk, and Metallic tissue textiles is modern, easy-to-wear, and relaxed in attitude.

Pranay Baidya's summer edit Oporajito

Crafted in lush jewel tones of golden yellow, cerulean-blue, amethyst-purple, garnet-red, coral-pink and ivory, these classic pieces make for a great addition to a bride’s trousseau and the wedding wardrobe of the bride’s friends and family as well. “The sari speaks of so many things. Be it happiness or sorrow, the humble nine yards has seen it all. The mood, the occasion, the event can all be conveyed through saris that reflect a sense of seasoned refinement. Over the years, the sari has been styled in countless different ways, and it is this transformational quality that makes it unfailingly contemporary, yet fiercely traditional,” feels Pranay.

What will be trending this summer?

I strongly believe fashion needs to go back to its honest form and intention, creating designs with the end consumer in mind, less trend-driven which often makes it disposable and creates waste, less of excess, more classic, more timeless. That is both my wish and mood board for fashion in the near future.

Pranay Baidya's summer edit Oporajito

What will be in trend for summer brides?

What could be more precious than fine silks woven with pure gold zari or encrusted with Jaipur cut gemstones for your big day? You can also settle for a fine muslin-silk jamdani with pure silver zari work, or exquisite hand-woven textiles with intricate hand embroidery for your sari, blouse or even the veil. A swarna baluchari crafted in pure gold with tales of mythology and history woven into the fabric make a statement like nothing else.

What are the summer wardrobe essentials?

A Pranay Baidya soft cotton muslin jamdani sari in white or soft watercolour shades, a striking floral print blouse, an oversized printed cotton-linen tote bag, a khadi cotton jumpsuit, in neutral colours of white, ivory or beige.

Pranay Baidya's summer edit Oporajito

What kind of accessories can one wear to enhance the look?

A very popular styling trend is to accessorise the sari with a belt. It instantly adds a feminine flair to the wearer, highlighting the waist and lending a beautiful structure to the drape. While solid coloured leather belts work well with free-flowing soft fabrics, I love the richness and glamour of metallic chain belts or traditional jewelled cummerbunds with hand-woven silk or embroidered saris.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas?

Some of the most iconic, fashionable people across the world are celebrated for their original style. The biggest faux pas is to not have a personal sense of style and blindly copy someone else’s.