Wedding special: Model Sneha Ghosh flaunts four looks from Tarun Tahiliani's bridal designs

Celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani's wedding edit The Reunion spells class and grandeur

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  26th November 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th November 2021 12:00 AM
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

Feted for melding traditional designs with modern silhouettes, noted designer Tarun Tahiliani’s latest wedding-festive edit The Reunion showcased recently at the FDCI Lakme Fashion Week is a glorious synthesis of 10 mini capsule collections.  The collections drew inspiration from varied sources and were influenced by several Indian art forms as well as historical monuments.

 "Temple Mauli was inspired by the auspicious and breathtaking views outside the Badrinath temple along with the Rabari craft created on textiles while using a vivid colour palette. The Pichwai collection took inspiration from the ancient Indian paintings of Rajasthan while the Chikankari capsule was reminiscent of the tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah in Agra, whose latticed carvings and inlay work formed the basis of the motifs in this particular collection,” explains Tarun.

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

A lot of heavy textiles such as silk, brocade and organza have been incorporated in this collection, keeping in mind the coming wedding season while retaining an effortless fluidity and timelessness of Indian crafts. The collection features fabrics like organza, silk, brocade, tulle, raw silk apart from crushed chanderi for more variety and offers a profuse range of draped evening lehengas, occasion-wear and bridal trousseau with a seriously modern twist.

Tarun lets us in on four wedding looks with supermodel Sneha Ghosh and talks to us about wedding trends this year.

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

How have the bridal sartorial preferences evolved after the pandemic?

The pandemic rendered big Indian weddings smaller and more intimate and changed the bridal fashion market to a great extent. Rather than following the trends, brides are more focussed on finesse and procuring an outfit that gives them a sense of comfort. They seem to be more confident and in tune with themselves which has provided them with a sense of empowerment and the courage to showcase their true individual style.

What will be trending this wedding season?

Fashion has become much lighter with the need for greater finesse and the habit of wearing overtly heavy clothes is finally over as everything is much more intimate, simpler and heart-warming. Therefore, lighter materials and outfits of fine quality along with luxe pieces would be in trend which can be donned in various ways rather than being a part of one outfit. People would also be more experimental in terms of colours, embracing pastels and pale shades. I believe that the pressure is off and there is complete freedom to be the best version of yourself and truly be present at the moment and not a projection so that you can enjoy one of the best days of your life. 

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal sari

Tips for brides-to-be?

My only tip for the brides would be to embrace their true style and personality. They should focus on wearing materials of the finest quality and pieces which they can reuse and repurpose.

What are the colours of the season?

Subtle colours and embroidery, reds or pale English colours such as variants of jade, old rose and more or pastels like ivories, oysters or pale pinks will be trending.

Your upcoming collections?

Engaging and promoting community and craft are of utmost importance to me and I try to achieve a quintessential synthesis of it with technology and construction. We have a new premium line coming up soon which is all very exciting but, nothing will leave me finished and satisfied, no matter what the price point is in the market.

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

Supermodel and Yoga expert Sneha Ghosh decodes her fashion and lifestyle choices:

Wedding outfits: If it's a pretty fancy wedding that I am attending, then I would like to look fancy and choose something absolutely bright or absolutely muted. I am an extremist when it comes to fashion and like to be either very subtle or very bold in my looks.

My own wedding trousseau would have things new and old including mom's jewellery, family heirloom pieces, something that I have kept with me and a few of my grandmom's saris with silver thread needlework.

Fashion choices: My clothes are really simple and I totally focus on accessories to glam them up but when I wear something extravagant, I do just the opposite. I have developed this sudden fondness for saris after my engagement and I am wearing a lot of cotton, organza, tissue, Banrasi silk, Kanjivaram and chiffon saris.

A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga
A Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga

Fitness: I go for a run and practise yoga in the morning.

Diet: I don't follow a diet and love eating food. In the morning I have cereal with milk and a bowl of fruits followed by a veggie juice and nuts, Before lunch, at times, I have bread with cream, cheese, tomato and lettuce and a fried egg sunny side up with a cup of coffee with milk and sugar

For lunch I have rice, fish, dal, sabji and chicken. Dinner is either roti and sabji or a Chinese soup consisting of veggies, tofus, mushrooms, prawns and rice noodles.

Skin and hair care: I don't push myself to buy expensive hair or care skincare products and use coconut oil and normal shampoo and put homemade ghee on my face at night

Beauty essentials in bag: Lip balm, eyeliner, charger, wallet and a pair of silver hoops.

CREDITS: Model: Sneha Ghosh / Pictures: Siladitya Dutta / Hair and makeup: Abhijit Paul / Styling Olivia Sinha Roy / Jewellery: Virrayaa Jewellery

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