City-based perfume brand Topnote offers a refreshing range of fragrances

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  15th August 2022 03:04 PM   |   Published :   |  15th August 2022 03:04 PM

Topnote's refreshing range of fragrances

Born out of a passion for perfumes, city-based brand, Topnote, boasts an array of botanical, vegan, cruelty- and toxin-free fragrances. Influenced by art, culture and fashion, the homegrown fragrance line combines unexpected and rare extracts. From woody to floral and citrusy to spicy, their blend of scents is aimed at being gentle on both the skin and the environment. Co-founders, Ramya Rajaram and Saagarika Jagadeesh, who are also close friends, spent a vast amount of time in research and development with their experienced perfumers to create four modern and progressive fragrances. Ramya tells us more about the brand: 

Co-founder Ramya Rajaram


What prompted you to envision an artisanal fragrance brand? 
Our vision was to create an inclusive luxury brand that would capture the
hearts and imaginations of people. Topnote is inspired by love, self expression, inner confidence and joy. Each of our consciously crafted perfumes has the ability to create an elevated olfactory journey. 


What are the most prominent notes from your collection?
Topnote is an ode to the importance of making a good first impression. As the subtle yet sublime top notes of a fragrance are perceived first, they remain etched in your memory. Some of the most important notes we use are citrus-forward such as bergamot, floral (iris, hyacinth) and woody (vetiver, patchouli
and cedarwood). 

From the men's collection - Day and Night

Tell us a little about your perfume range. What inspired it?
Our perfumers work with the right blend of creativity and science to craft perfumes inspired by life’s serendipitous moments of love, laughter and togetherness. Our current perfumes include Wild Is The Wind (hyacinth, citrus, pink peppers, vetiver, amber, patchouli) and Love On The Beat (bergamont,
orange blossom, tuberose, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla) for women and
Closer (grapefruit, orange, geranium leaf, cedarwood) and Day & Night (citrus, pink pepper, lavender, labdanum, vetiver, moss, cedarwood) for men.


Your favourite Topnote creation?
I have been closely involved in the creation process and therefore I feel they are all unique. Each perfume by Topnote is a way of expressing oneself. Currently, I am in love with Day & Night. It is woody and citrusy. 

Ramya's favourite Topnote creation

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