Step into the realm of zodiacs with Fizzy Goblet's new quirky footwear collection

Fizzy Goblet’s Zodiac collection is inspired by the 12 sun signs and exudes a mystical charm

Priyamvada Rana Published :  19th August 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th August 2022 12:00 AM
The Zodiac collection

The Zodiac collection

Designer footwear brand Fizzy Goblet has come up with yet another quirky collection. Titled the Zodiac collection, it is inspired by the 12 sun signs which represent people’s personalities, emotions and motivations. The collection features 10 eye-catching celestial-inspired designs from juttis to criss-cross slides and more. The unique part of this collection is that the footwear can be customised with handcrafted zodiac accessories.

Telling us about the idea and inspiration, founder and designer Laksheeta Govil tells, “Zodiac signs are fun and a great conversation starter. Whether anyone chooses to believe in the zodiac or not, it’s always interesting to listen and read about what our zodiac sign reveals about us. Also, I think it's always nice to discover somebody who has the same sun sign as you and this collection is all about customising your shoes on the basis of your zodiac and hence wearing your personality.”

Telling us about the materialsused she says, “We have used rich fabrics like raw silk and satin silk in this collection. We have also done a lot of material-play by using jewellery charms, which are made from goldplated metal. As for the techniques and embellishments, we have worked with mukaish, zardozi, aari, mirrorwork and beads.”

The colour palette is inspired by an array of hues like mysterious blacks, ruby reds, royal blue and peach packed in an attractive tealblue box. Telling us about the lightweight zodiac-inspired jewellery included in the collection, Laksheeta says, “We have incorporated zodiac charms in our shoes, which is in a way, our take on the artisanal jewellery trend. I think in today’s time, everyone wants to look distinctive and create their own narratives, which propels the popularity of wearable art jewellery. This is also where we tried creating wearable art by using intricate stone-detailed charms on shoes which is unique.”

Rs.3,290 upwards. Available online and in stores. 
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