Tribe Amprapali's Matsya Collection is a reflection of the ocean's splendour

The new collection features intricately crafted bijouterie for all occasions.

Dharitri Ganguly Published :  23rd December 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd December 2022 12:00 AM
Matsya by Tribe Amrapali

Matsya by Tribe Amrapali

The underwater mysteries have always been very fascinating to the people living above them and these mysteries of the sea made Akanksha Arora, CEO of Tribe Amrapali, launch her Matsya collection. Rich and rustic yet modern and dynamic, the Matsya collection is a stunning contradiction that is brought to life with the brand’s signature craftsmanship and design.

The collection features intricately crafted bijouterie for all occasions, that can be paired with both Indian and western silhouettes. Set alongside deep green malachite, the mother of pearls and crystals, the designs recreate an episode from Hindu mythology, complete with aquatic and celestial elements. A symbol of renewal and rebirth, Matsya, Sanskrit for fish, is inspired by the ocean, its mysteries, and its deep connection with the sky. Akin to a pearl that glistens under the twilight and to seashells that whisper whimsical secrets, the collection features designs that encapsulate the eponymous fish along with familiar nautical and shiny celestial elements.

The new collection is particularly influenced by the heritage gutta pusalu necklace from Andhra’s coastal region. Meaning, ‘a shoal of small fish (gutta) and ‘beads’ (pusalu) — these are clusters of charms and stones with delicate details that serve as the hallmark of Matsya. Akanksha says, “Tribe Amrapali has always drawn inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage and history and the stories that come with it. The underwater realm and the celestial world are so vast and mysterious that we cannot even begin to understand them. There’s beauty in darkness and the Matsya collection is an extension of that very thought.

Matsya reimagines the tales of the sea and sky, with majestic celestial bodies juxtaposed with a vibrant underwater life with design sensibilities that have become synonymous with Tribe Amrapali over the
years. After years in the making, I am truly delighted to be launching this collection and sharing our
vision with the world.”

Rs 500 onwards. At Quest Mall and Forum Courtyard Mall.