Coimbatore-based Vilvah is all set to open its second store in Chennai, today!

The vegan organic brand that has now expanded beyond body care, is excited about finding mall space in the city

Romal Laisram Published :  07th July 2022 11:56 PM   |   Published :   |  07th July 2022 11:56 PM
Kruthika Kumaran, founder of Vilvah

Kruthika Kumaran, founder of Vilvah

In an effort to help her daughter cope with eczema, Kruthika Kumaran first experimented with goat milk as an ingredient in beauty products five years ago, when she was 31. She went online, researched and found out that goat milk could be added to soap and that it would provide relief from the skin ailment. She then decided to make the soap using goat milk from farms her family owned and it was a success. The soap soon became very popular in her social circle. From those kitchen experiments, Kruthika’s organic brand Vilvah made its entry into the market and is now ready to open its third store (the second in Chennai) in India.

 “We’re basically from Gobichettipalayam and are now based in Coimbatore. Vilvah was born in my kitchen when I experimented with goat milk in soap and my friends really liked the product. We then experimented with a goat milk shampoo and that was a success too. That inspired me to start this business, my first attempt at anything beyond being a housewife,” begins Kruthika, who is now 36.

Named after vilvam (wood apple leaf), the miracle herb from siddha and ayurvedic medicine — also considered holy in Hinduism — Vilvah has now gone far beyond soaps and creates shampoos, shampoo bars, conditioners, oils and masks for haircare; facial gels, lip balms, lip scrubs, eye care products, facewashes, toners, moisturisers, serums, masks and scrubs for facial care; and body washes, soaps, deodorants, body butters and body yoghurts for body care. The brand also curates lifestyle products like wooden combs, cold pressed oils, child-sensitive product ranges, accessories in jute and cotton, herbal accessories, jamakalam mats, incense sticks, bags, baskets and fridge magnets, among many other products.

Avocado and Moringa Body Yoghurt
Avocado and Moringa Body Yoghurt


“Our newest store, that launches today, will cater to a mall audience and we’re hoping they take a liking to our wide range of products,” adds Kruthika who takes pride in Vilvah being one of the first labels to pack products exclusively in glass, aluminium and other sustainable materials.

With plans to expand into several stores this year, Vilvah has its eyes set on Bengaluru next. “What began as my formulations out of my kitchen led to me taking a cosmetology course online, but today, we have an R&D team and cosmetic scientists on board to ensure we use only natural and organic ingredients and are sure about the safety profile of ingredients,” concludes Kruthika, whose goat milk shampoo formulation continues to be their most-loved and fastest selling product.

INR 160 onwards. Opens today. At Phoenix Market City, Velachery.