Designer Nitika Gujral's summer wedding collection Lasya celebrates nature's opulence

Designer Nitika Gujral's summer wedding collection Lasya celebrates nature's hues in extravagant colours and fabric

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  08th July 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th July 2022 12:00 AM

Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya

The pursuit of sartorial beauty and elegance has always defined Nitika Gujral’s creations and her latest summer wedding collection, Lasya is perhaps the most extravagantly elegant range put together to celebrate life post-COVID.

Each thread is meticulously woven to create a story that exudes warmth and joy. From pastel hues to bright colours, the latest range is well balanced and spells comfort.

Tell us about Lasya in detail?

Laasya is an ode to the universal creator; the dance of Parvati and the joy of creation. The whole world was plunged into gloom and uncertainty due to the pandemic and as it came to an end, we experienced an upsurge of joy and creativity. This collection is an outpouring of that upsurge and our way of sharing a message of hope and positivity. Nature with its myriad hues and forms provides us with a rich and inexhaustible source of inspiration. From the pastel blush tones of dawn to the fiery reds and oranges of the setting sun, and from the verdant greens of sun-dappled foliage to the rich jewelled tapestry of the night sky, Lasya mirrors the various moods of nature in colours and in form.

Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya
Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya

How much has the brand's design philosophy changed over the past two years of turmoil?

Turmoil is always a precursor to change. The past two years have been a time for a major makeover. For a luxury brand dealing in celebration wear, one’s very relevance and survival seemed to be in question. The pandemic compelled us to look inwards and come up with ways to extend social connections and commercial reach. The launch of our website and social media handles a year back was propelled by the pandemic. A year later, we feel truly grateful for whatever it was that impelled us to break the status quo.

Do you think that wedding ensembles have undergone a sea of change?

The modern bride knows what she wants and today’s wedding ensembles are reflective of that assured confidence. While a lot of traditional colours and embroideries might still be preferred for bridal wear, when it comes to silhouettes and drapes there is definitely a lot of scope for experimentation.

Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya
Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya

What are the wedding designs and silhouettes that will be trending big time this summer?

Lehengas, shararas and saris in airy fabrics like tulle, organza and georgette are going to be the mainstay of summer weddings. Though the colour red is eponymous with our brand’s bridal wear we have also developed options in ivory, blush and fuchsia pink for the summer bride.

With monsoon season on its way, what are the wardrobe must-haves for a monsoon wedding?

Monsoon weddings are a time for a double celebration -- one’s own and that of nature renewing herself from a parched and gruelling summer. One’s wardrobe must be evocative of that change. Bright yellows and oranges, verdant greens and iridescent blues, are all evocative of a rejuvenated nature; Indian weddings are celebratory occasions and one’s wardrobe must be redolent with that cheer.

Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya
Nitika Gujral's latest edit Lasya

What do we expect from your label for the upcoming winter wedding-festive season?

Nature continues to be our inspiration and our upcoming winter wedding collection too will be a statement of hope and cheer, a pageant of traditional techniques employed on modern silhouettes. Renewal for us means realising the potential for creativity, that’s as limitless as nature herself.

How do you practice sustainability as a brand?

As a brand, we are always there to guide our clients on ways in which they can reimagine the same outfit, or use its individual components with other garments so that the buyer gets more wear from the same garment.

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