Yam India’s new collection Beachside Brunches encapsulates the carefree spirit of beachside living 

Yam India’s new edit brings a blend of beachwear and resort chic, offering stylish yet comfortable outfits
Collection: Beachside Brunches
Collection: Beachside Brunches

Imagine waking up by a tranquil sea eager to explore sandy beaches. You will find yourself filled with a sense of wanderlust and excitement to soak in the natural beauty of the laid-back coastal paradise. While it feels surreal to think of a dreamy vacation like this, it’s natural to desire outfits that mirror the exuberance of the tropical destination. Perfect for such joyous explorations, Yam India’s new collection Beachside Brunches encapsulates the carefree spirit of beachside living. The brand believes that every print has a story and a unique creative process. Beachside Brunches stands as testimony to their philosophy. The collection brings together a harmonious blend of beachwear and resort chic, offering a stylish yet comfortable range of outfits that effortlessly transition from sandy shores to trendy brunch spots.

Designer and founder of Yam India, Priya Mittal says, “Beachside Brunches showcases a mix of vintage and botanical prints. A blend of this kind results in designs that resonate with both history and the wonders of the outdoors. This marriage of the past and the present reflects the charm of a garden that knows no bounds of time.” Take, for instance, the Vintage Garden print reminds Priya of her mother’s little garden. She says, “The beauty of my mother’s cherished sanctuary continues to inspire my love for these classic prints, weaving her legacy into my fashion choices.” What’s interesting is that the prints in this collection are hand-painted and then, digitally corrected. Priya tells us, “We design the prints all on our own. The process begins with sketching the idea on paper. In the next stage, we paint it either using oil or water. Then, we decide the scale it would work at. We make designs in different colours digitally after separating each layer of colour.”

Talking about the inspiration, Priya says, “The collection is inspired by the idea of carefree coastal mornings, where the salty breeze kisses your skin, the sand cradles your feet, with the promise of a delightful brunch with your friends.” The founder says that print designs ignite a feeling of uniqueness and creativity. “Therefore, each piece in this collection becomes a canvas for personal expression, encouraging wearer to explore various styling options and make the look their own,” Priya adds. There are classic co-ord sets, long shrugs, fusion Indian wear, maxi dresses, and even off-shoulder numbers in the collection for you to choose from. Moreover, because the prints are loud and bold, you don’t feel the need to accessorise much. Each ensemble in this collection is a visual celebration featuring bright and vibrant shades.

Rs 8,000 upwards.

Available online and in stores.

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