Seema Gujral's special sharara edit is versatile and colourful

Indulge speaks to Seema Gujral on her latest edit 
Ensembles from the collection
Ensembles from the collection

Seema Gujral’s special sharara edit, Fiori, draws inspiration from the lilting beauty of the Italian language. “The term Fiori in Italian means floral. It's a celebration of vibrant colours, intricate cuts, and a variety of textures. The idea with this particular edit was to make a versatile, all-season range of Shararas that takes a classic Sharara silhouette and elevates it into a modern trendy look. The cut and style have been manipulated in a way that a wholly traditional outfit transforms into something entirely contemporary without losing any of the charm,” says Seema.

The colour palette ranges from contemporary nudes to sunny yellows, blues, deep wine, and burgundy reds. The fabrics used are carefully chosen to ensure a blend of tradition and modernity, with an emphasis on versatility for all seasons.

The collection features a classic Sharara silhouette with a modern twist. The embroidery details include delicate threadwork, mirror-work, and the timeless charm of gota patti, complemented by Seema’s signature touch of exquisite sequins and sparkling crystals.

Excerpts from a chat.

How much have your bridal collections evolved over the years?

Over the years, my bridal collections have experienced a profound transformation. While staying true to the essence, I've embraced innovation in design and style. Each collection is a journey, from traditional opulence to a more contemporary allure, ensuring that every piece reflects the evolving tastes of brides. The emphasis remains on attention to detail, intricate embroidery, and a commitment to offering a diverse range that caters to the unique preferences of every bride, separate from the excitement of a new collection launch.

What do the millennials check out while scouting for wedding trousseau?

For millennials, the key considerations include modern shapes, trendy designs, and versatility. They appreciate a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, focusing on unique cuts, vibrant colours, and personalized touches. Attention to detail, exquisite embroidery, and a variety of silhouettes are crucial aspects that resonate with the discerning millennial bride.

What’s your fashion forecast for the year 2024?

Expect a resurgence of intricate craftsmanship, with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Colours will range from soothing neutrals to vibrant, nature-inspired tones. Silhouettes will play with contrasts, offering a mix of voluminous and sleek designs. Personalized touches and unique detailing will take centre stage, allowing individuals to make a statement with their style.

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