Eco-conscious brand Rashki rolls out a collection of handbags crafted from banana leather

The collection boasts six handbags in tan, black and white
Rashki Bags
Rashki Bags

In 2018, Shivani Popat and Rustam Chaudhary, the co-founders of Rashki,  found themselves at the banks of the river Ganges where they were deeply moved by its distressing state, marred by industrial pollution. That moment served as a profound inspiration propelling them to launch a sustainable brand, which resulted in Rashki. Now the label has joined forces with Banofi Leather to introduce an eco-conscious collection that brings a range of handbags made from banana leather, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional animal leather.

“The decision to partner with Banofi Leather was driven by our shared vision of a sustainable world, free from the pollution and cruelty caused by conventional fashion accessories,” begins Rahul Jain, creative director and co-founder. According to reports, a conventional leather bag fashioned from cowhide consumes more than 10,000 litres of water and emits over 100 kilograms of CO2 per metre. However, banana leather featuring the same texture and durability helps reduce water and carbon footprint. Banana leather not only upcycles banana crop waste but provides additional income for farmers and generates no toxic waste.

The process of transforming banana crop waste into banana leather begins with the extraction of fibres from the banana plant’s stem, which is discarded as waste after the fruits have been harvested. These fibres are then treated to enhance their strength and flexibility, ensuring they can withstand everyday use. The treated fibres are further blended with natural and synthetic additives before they are coloured and coated. “This step adds visual appeal and protects the banana leather, giving it a finished and refined appearance. Through this process, we have been able to repurpose banana crop waste into a leather-like material that offers the aesthetic and functional qualities of traditional leather,” he shares.

The collection boasts six handbags in tan, black and white. Among the lot, Snow (a black and white cross-body bag detailed with gold-toned hardware), Unica (a boho-style handbag in tan finished with wooden handles) and Terra (a round sling bag) caught our attention.

INR 1,990 onwards. Available online.

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