Raima Sen speaks on her jewellery choices

Actress Raima Sen speaks about her jewellery choices on the sidelines of GIVA’s store launch.
Raima Sen at the launch of GIVA outlet
Raima Sen at the launch of GIVA outlet

The stunning, lightweight and versatile pieces from the jewellery label GIVA have always impressed us with their chic designs. With their first physical store in Kolkata getting launched recently, we had a chat with actress Raima Sen, who was present at the event, about her jewellery preferences, monsoon skincare and all. Excerpts:

What kind of jewellery do you like?

I love solitaires — be it rings or earrings. Right now, I am mostly into an emerald ring, which is my current favourite. But I get bored with the jewellery pieces I wear regularly. So, I keep changing them every two months.

People say jewellery enhances beauty. What’s your take on it?

Yes, it does. Earlier, I was not so much into jewellery but now I have realised that even if you wear a small pair of earrings, it elevates your whole look. If you are running short of time to get ready, just wear a small pair of earrings, or a pretty, sleek bracelet, or a nice watch. It just completes your look.

Do you like any special pieces from your mom’s (Moon Moon Sen) or grandma’s (Suchitra Sen) jewellery box?

All the pieces are very dear to me. I have seen my mother’s jewellery, which now also consists of my grandmother’s pieces, which are very sentimental for us. They look very traditional, yet modern and timeless. I sometimes wear them for events, weddings, and photoshoots. But with those I have to be very careful since they are valuable, and I can’t really wear them very often. But each of the pieces is unique in its design and very fashionable.

It’s monsoon already. What beauty and skincare tips are you following?

I can’t really help with the hair bit, because I am unable to manage my own. No hairstyles last too long for the humidity but monsoons don’t give me any skin problems. I have dry skin, so extreme heat and winters are difficult to deal with. I would say, stick to light moisturisers, apply a good sunscreen without fail, the importance of which I only realised much later in life; sleep well and drink lots of water.

What do you prefer for your daily makeup?

I just need my kajal and eyeliner, and that’s it.

What’s happening on the work front?

There’s Vivek Agnihotri’s The Vaccine War releasing during Dussehra, and I will start shooting for Hawa Bodol 2 with Parambrata Chatterjee in August.

Pictures by Pritam Sarkar

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