Abhinav Mishra’s latest edit, Reflections, encapsulates his beautiful journey and creations

Reflections showcases a surrealistic and magical world of mirrors, and opulence
Abhinav Mishra's Reflections
Abhinav Mishra's Reflections

Renowned couturier, Abhinav Mishra’s recently unveiled edit Reflections showcases a surrealistic and magical world of mirrors, and opulence, letting us peek into the world of Abhinav's imagination. Reflections looks back on Abhinav’s beautiful journey, and the delicate way he balances minimalism and maximalism in his creations. We chat with Abhinav to know more.

Tell us all about Reflections.

It offers silhouettes including lehengas, anarkalis, and shararas replete with my signature classic mirror work element in a wide colour palette ranging across rani pink, powder blue, ivory, cream, sapphire blue, deep tones of maroon and more.

<em>Abhinav Mishra's Reflections</em>
Abhinav Mishra's Reflections

The main idea was to create a magnanimous fantasy world, our interpretation of the architectural style of Mughal India -- a walk through the Mughal gardens with a whimsical take, with layers of textures. 

This curation is a reflection of my creative vision, blending minimalism and maximalism with intricate mirror work. It's a grand peek into my journey, marked by perseverance, creativity, and dreams and an ode to my unwavering loyalty to our signature mirror work.

Your work always has a lot of mirror work. Tell us about your fascination with the same.

I draw inspiration from the rich heritage of India and mirrors have been an integral part of Indian textiles for centuries. They add opulence, glamour, and vibrancy to my designs, reflecting light and enhancing visual appeal. They celebrate traditional craftsmanship and the transformative power of self-reflection. In a fashion landscape dominated by heavy embroidery, borders, and sequins, mirrors set my designs apart, offering a unique aesthetic that combines tradition with contemporary flair.

<em>Abhinav Mishra's Reflections</em>
Abhinav Mishra's Reflections

How have you evolved as a designer over the years?

It's a constant pursuit of innovation. Over the years, I've embraced new techniques, experimented with diverse materials, and honed my ability to translate cultural richness into timeless fashion.

How has the Indian fashion scene matured over the years?

It has matured remarkably, witnessing a fusion of traditional and global influences. There's a heightened appreciation for craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and individual expression now.

What will be trending this winter festive season?

Winter brides are gravitating towards classic whites and ivories, channelling a serene and minimal aesthetic. This season the focus is on delicate embroidery and flowing silhouettes that capture the purity of the season.

<em>Abhinav Mishra's Reflections</em>
Abhinav Mishra's Reflections

Winter occasion wardrobe must-haves?

For an Indian bride, essential wardrobe pieces should include a timeless Banarasi or Kanjivaram sari for a traditional look, and a sharara or anarkali when you’re looking for something more comfortable.

Plans for your label in 2024?

We have some very exciting collaborations lined up for next year. We’re also going to be focusing on our footwear and accessories with Needledust, which will be a global rollout, and we will be focusing on jewellery and homes as well. I also have my mind on pret and resort lines for wider audiences.

Price on request. On abhinavmishraofficial.com

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