Couturier Bhumika Sharma revisits her creative journey with Retro Love

This fabulous winter-festive collection has rich heritage designs with modern silhouettes
Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love
Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love

For this Autumn-Winter festive season, couturier Bhumika Sharma takes inspiration from her creative journey over the years. A trip through the brand’s archives of textiles, and surface embellishments, led her to come up with Retro Love, a stunning occasion wear collection that was launched at the recently concluded LFWxFDCI.

The winter-festive collection has a lot of prints overlaid with embellishments and embroideries, a signature of the brand, with an emphasis on colour palette and print development. It also has a dash of the couturier’s signature tassels and detailing.

<em>Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love</em>
Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love

Besides the blacks, reds and ivories, this collection also sees a range of earthy muted tones from sage green, and blues, to greys as accent colours. The embroidery motifs comprise a range of geometrical patterns such as rhombus, lines borders, abstract geometric florals as well as conventional floral jars with medallion shape circles. She has also used a variety of hand-embroidered techniques like Dori work, Zardozi, and French knot on fabrics that exude elegance. There is plenty of paisley offset by abstract animal prints. The silhouettes include shapely open jackets, wide-legged pants, pantsuits, lehenga sets and traditional kalidar jackets paired with skirts besides draped saris, six-yard saris with capes and trendy co-ords.

“In Retro Love, we've rediscovered the soul of our brand, celebrating our journey and our passion. This collection is a testament to handcrafted artistry, where every meticulous stitch reflects our commitment to quality,” says Bhumika.

<em>Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love</em>
Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love

As a designer, how much have you changed over the years?

I have stayed true to my roots and design aesthetics while embracing new techniques and trends. I've learned the importance of balancing classic and contemporary elements, ensuring our pieces remain timeless and relevant. This evolution has been about adapting to changing demands and staying connected with our audience's preferences.

<em>Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love</em>
Bhumika Sharma's Retro Love

What are the fashion lessons you picked up on the way?

One of the key fashion lessons I've learned is the importance of staying true to your brand's identity while adapting to evolving trends. Craftsmanship and quality are non-negotiable, and the significance of understanding your audience and engaging with them can't be understated. Flexibility and innovation are also crucial to remaining relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion.

The Indian fashion scene has matured significantly over the years. It's become more diverse, inclusive, and dynamic. It has also become more environmentally conscious, with an emphasis on sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

<em>Showstopper Rakul Preet with Bhumika Sharma</em>
Showstopper Rakul Preet with Bhumika Sharma

What will be trending this winter festive season?

You can expect a resurgence of traditional silhouettes with a modern twist. Classic colours like red, black, and ivory will remain popular. Intricate hand embroidery, textured fabrics are expected to be the trends.

Winter occasion wardrobe must-haves?

Richly embroidered ensembles, shawls or capes to stay warm, and statement jewellery to elevate your look. Classic silhouettes like lehengas, anarkalis, and saris will always be in style.

What will your spring-summer '24 collection be all about?

It will continue celebrating the blend of classic and contemporary elements, reflecting the evolving fashion landscape and offering timeless, trendy pieces.

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