Teejh’s new collection features a stunning range of oxidised ghungroo jewellery

Teejh’s new Ruhee Ghungroo Collection brings vintage fashion to the fore

Indian jewellery brand Teejh infuses bohemian flair into their lineup with the launch of the Ruhee collection. Inspired by the free-spirited feminine soul, the collection features a stunning range of oxidised ghungroo jewellery that beautifully encapsulates artsy spirits.

A vision to blend classics with the contemporary led to the creation of Teejh, which aims to appeal to the real Indian women, rooted in culture, yet modern in her approach. With Ruhee, the brand brings a wide range of ghungroo jewellery to add modern elegance to your everyday closet.

Be it the playfulness of the ghungroos or the indigenous craftsmanship, the craving for vintage fashion is brought back in this silver oxidised jewellery collection to complement the feminine cuts, adding a dainty touch to your bold statement looks. 

“The collection celebrates free-spirited and graceful women in all their breathtaking glory with each piece enticing with exceptional touch and charm, capturing the playfulness of ghungroo and celebrating the delicateness of every woman. They are flawlessly handcrafted in high quality brass and metal employing special techniques like enamelling, filigree, ghungroo bunch setting, and finish the piece with a unique oxidisation technique that adds a vintage touch,” says Maya Varma, co-founder of Joker and Witch.

Teejh’s new <em>Ruhee Ghungroo</em> Collection
Teejh’s new Ruhee Ghungroo Collection

Through the collection, they have tried to capture the essence of women with souls of magic, the softest of hearts and the wildest of spirits through the playfulness of the ghungroos and the use of delicate chains. “Ghungroo is a rather simple, universal yet traditional Indian jewellery element and requires extensive handwork for its delicate placement in any jewellery. The use of ghungroos as playful bunches in our necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, etc, add both visual appeal as well as a rhythmic essence to the collection,” explains Maya.

The playful and delicate vibe of every piece in the Ruhee collection allows for seamless styling, whether paired with a basic kurta for a casual workday or adorned with a sari for special events. “The collection effortlessly transitions from laidback to formal settings, offering customers a range of options to express their style. Our statement ghungroo necklaces can be styled with traditional saris or even with a crisp shirt and skirt, while looking absolutely gorgeous in both,” she says.

Your style may be subtle, blaringly obvious or somewhere in between, Teejh ensures everybody finds something that fits their style sensibilities. “Styling with oxidised jewellery can usually never go wrong and more is even better. We strongly recommend layering necklaces,  stacking bracelets and multiple rings to get a statement look while pairing them with Indian or even western outfits,” Maya adds.

Price starts from Rs149.
Available online.


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