Indulge chats with Gaurav Khanijo on his newly opened Kolkata store 

Check out this menswear to gender fluid label at Sarat Bose Road 
A glimpse of the store
A glimpse of the store

After mesmerising the audience through the wonderful stores in Delhi and Gurgaon, Gaurav Khanijo, founder and designer of Khanijo opens a store in Kolkata, ahead of the festive season. The store boasts of ethnic, classy, elegant and chic menswear ensembles which transcend the boundaries to being gender fluid. Indulge speaks to Gaurav about his new store.

What made you think now was the right time to come up with a store in Kolkata? 

Opening a store in Kolkata now aligns with our brand's origin in handloom and handmade textiles. Kolkata has a rich history in arts and culture, particularly in handcrafted textiles, which resonates with our brand's ethos. The city's legacy in arts and craftsmanship is an ideal backdrop for our men's fashion label.

What kind of collections can we get to see in the store? 

Our store in Kolkata offers a diverse range of collections, from ethnic wear to resort wear. You can explore our custom-made Khanijo signature textures, catering to various tastes and occasions for men.

Gaurav Khanijo
Gaurav Khanijo

What would attract the audience to your latest collection?

Its versatility and wearability! Our designs seamlessly blend contemporary style with handmade materials, making them suitable for different occasions and easy to incorporate into one's wardrobe.

What sets the Kolkata market and fashion scene apart from other places?

It’s the love for simplicity combined with style. Kolkata appreciates the elegance of understated fashion, emphasising the beauty of craftsmanship and quality over flamboyance.

An ensemble from his collection
An ensemble from his collection

How does Khanijo amalgamate traditional art and craft with contemporary fashion trends through its collections?

Khanijo merges traditional art and craft with contemporary men's fashion by infusing our designed handmade textiles into modern silhouettes. This approach ensures that our collections remain fashionable and relevant to the contemporary man while honoring traditional craftsmanship.

What is the festive vibe that you are noticing in terms of choice of fabric, colours, silhouettes, designs etc. 

The festive vibe we're noticing in terms of fabric, colors, silhouettes, and designs involves using various techniques and textures on our textiles, which are at the core of our brand. Our festival season offerings embody a classic yet celebratory spirit, with rich and vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and comfortable silhouettes that allow for movement and enjoyment during festivities

Price on request

33 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-19 
10 am-7pm 

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