Couturiers Falguni and Shane Peacock on flagship store launch in Kolkata

Indulge paid a visit to the elegant and swish store, which just like their designs, reflects a mix of heritage and modern ritz.

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  08th December 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th December 2023 12:00 AM
Ensembles from the new edit

Ensembles from the new edit

One of the leading names in luxury couture, Falguni Shane Peacock needs no introduction to the world of fashion. After over 18 years of pushing its boundaries to create luxe looks infusing traditional craftsmanship in contemporary techniques, Falguni and Shane, the brains behind the eponymous label, launched their flagship store in Kolkata last week designed by none other than Gauri Khan. Indulge paid a visit to the elegant and swish store, which just like their designs, reflects a mix of heritage and modern ritz. We had a chat with Falguni and Shane about what brought them to Kolkata, their winter collection, Renaissance Reverie, and more.

Excerpts from the same.

Was opening a store in Kolkata always on your mind?

Falguni: Kolkata was always on our radar but we were not sure when we would do it. After Hyderabad, I think this was our next best step, also because we have a really strong client base in Kolkata. It’s a very good upcoming market because people love luxury here and are forward-thinking in terms of fashion.

Shane and Falguni Peacock

What to look for in your store?

Shane: We are displaying the latest bridal collections so that one doesn’t have to go all the way to Delhi and Mumbai. There’s couture, there are outfits for sangeet, wedding lehengas, drape saris and a wide range of kurtis from the autumn-winter collection.

Falguni: The Kolkata fashion crowd has a distinct style and they put their accessories beautifully together to create a classy look. They put in effort dress up gracefully and have a classic fashion taste. There’s an old-world charm in every nook and corner and so much detailing everywhere. The mindset of the city has evolved but in terms of architecture, it has still retained the heritage which is so beautiful about the city. It doesn’t have too much modernism which is so fresh to see here.

Tell us about your AW edit Renaissance Reverie.

Falguni: This collection is an ode to the Renaissance period and a seamless fusion of rich Indian culture, techniques, and craftsmanship, and reflects our love for art and the treasures we have stumbled upon during our travels.

We drew inspiration from the vibrant colours found in art and the remarkable influences of embroidery textures. This unique fusion embodies the essence of the Renaissance era, showcasing the timeless beauty of its art, architecture, and fashion, while simultaneously paying homage to the artistic mastery of Indian influences and inspirations. The kaleidoscope of colours inspired by art tells enchanting stories. From luscious strawberry yoghurt and Acapulco sand to understated elegance in Portland grey and sandshell beige, each hue has been carefully selected to evoke emotions. Vibrant accents of sugar coral, primrose yellow, and purple ash add a modern twist, while Aztec brown and almandine infuse depth and allure. Delicate touches of whisper whites harmonise the palette, creating a canvas for the intricate embroidery and textures to shine.

What inspires you as designers?

Shane: Our label’s design journey is fuelled by the transformative power of travel and the exploration of diverse cultures. We draw inspiration from the enchanting world of museums, art galleries, vintage stores, and antique shops, where we observe captivating art and timeless treasures.

A glimpse of the Kolkata store

As designers, how much have you evolved in all these years?

Falguni: We are constantly evolving and I think that’s the way it should be for everyone. When we look back at our previous designs and creations, I feel I am loving the way we are evolving.

When we started out, we were doing a lot of Western wear and then started showing at fashion weeks, whether it was in London or New York until 2015, and then we took a little bit of a break to launch ourselves in India because the Indian wedding market was booming so much and getting better and better and you definitely cannot ignore this market. It hit us hard when one of our friends asked, “I know you are famous abroad but are you all known over here”. That’s when we decided that we are launching our stores over here and doing Indian wear.

So, we took a little break and launched our first store in 2017 in Delhi and then consequently in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. We are fairly new in the bridal space but we are loving it.

Are you enjoying doing bridal fashion?

Falguni: We love the bridal scene, there’s so much you can do in the Indian wear scene with the dupattas, veils, and blouses. There are so many different silhouettes you put together and make an outfit and it is challenging every time to do something new and make the collection look different, which is so inspiring.

How do you find a new-age bride?

Falguni: The bridal scene has changed because the girls want to put in their best, they don’t want to wear saris that people used to wear before. Now, they want to experiment and want to wear different silhouettes throughout their functions and they want different colours. They research so much and are very aware of fashion trends and is involved right from the look of their hair to makeup to the outfits and the shoes. Everything needs to be on point and well-coordinated with the groom.

Kolkata store

What will trend this bridal season?

Shane: The silhouette of the lehenga has been always there, there will be a little bit of change in the neckline here and there, the veil has come into play, the way you drape the dupatta has changed and there are capes. I think brides want to experiment and look different in every function by changing the silhouettes.

Which bridal trend must be phased out?

Shane: I think minimalism as a trend should phase out since a wedding is a special occasion and one needs to look her best.

What trend will emerge?

Falguni: Lots of trails, feathers, capes and big outfits with crinoline will all be trending. For the parties, lots of shimmers will work, dresses with layering, cool jackets, jewel tones, gold, metallics and silver will rock the season.

Party wardrobe essentials?

Falguni: An amazing shimmer dress, a stylish shrug, a trendy shawl replete with tassels, embellished jackets, and stylish boots.

Wedding wardrobe essentials for bridesmaids?

Metallic lehengas that you can repeat by styling differently with shirts or blouses.

Ensembles from the new edit

Emerging trends for 2024?

Shane: For weddings, colours will remain the same irrespective of the season since a bride wants to look glamourous. Shades of deeper maroons, jewel tones and pink will also trend besides the metallics.  Also, for fashion in general, there will be a resurgence of fitted silhouettes.

What did you wear for your wedding?

Falguni: It was 22 years back and we didn’t have much of a choice except for what our moms suggested. I wore a traditional Panetar sari in white and red with a gold border for my wedding. We also had a church marriage for which I wore a white gown and for the reception, I wore a powder blue lehenga.

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