Fashion brand PHUE’s recent collection is an ode to the organic wonders of the natural world

PHUE's latest collection Native makes us feel one with nature

Sakshi Kaithwas Published :  14th July 2023 11:58 PM   |   Published :   |  14th July 2023 11:58 PM
Native collection

Native collection

The beauty of nature soothes our souls. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s good to take a moment and feel the gentle breeze, soak in sunshine or appreciate the chorus of chirping birds. Similarly, serene landscapes, lush forests, or silent beaches also have stories to tell for those willing to listen. For now, what’s making us feel one with nature is the fashion brand PHUE’s latest collection Native.

The brand believes in maximalism and surrealism. Panya Gupta, founder and creative director of PHUE, is a firm believer in how clothing is a medium through which one expresses their individuality and pushes limits of artistic expression. She says, “Native is a collection where nature’s enchanting essence intertwines with gemstone hues in an extraordinary display of artistry. The outfits showcase meticulously curated prints that draw inspiration from the organic wonders of the natural world, while our thoughtfully designed silhouettes seamlessly complement the intricate structures of these prints.”

Dress from the collection

The prints have been developed after taking inspiration from barks of trees, cross-sections of trees, grass, etc. To bring that much-needed drama and impact, the designer chose tencel twill, modal satin, and viscose twill fabrics. It is worth noting that Panya took sustainable routes in terms of fabrics to help the customers make a responsible fashion statement. The colour palette of the collection shows a harmonious fusion of shades. Panya says, “Rich greens evoke the lushness of emerald forests, fiery oranges and reds recall the passionate intensity of rubies and sunsets, while delicate pinks and soft yellows evoke the tender beauty of rose quartz and citrine.” You will also discover the soothing greens of moss agate, the warm browns of tiger’s eye, or the delicate blush of opal. Unique prints and vibrant colours are at the core of every garment at PHUE. Panya says, “These design elements add value by adding surrealist ideas and concepts onto garments.”

Outfits from the collection 

Native outfits can be paired up with everyday casual wear like jeans or shirts. From solid cargo pants, printed pleated formal trousers, and casual cropped shirts to crisp-tailoured blazers, everything can be worn individually as well as with their respective counterparts. “Native has been designed to ignite confidence and evoke a sense of freedom in every wearer. We believe that fashion has the power to transform and uplift,” Panya adds. She says that the outfits will help you look stylish and feel comfortable.

Rs 4,000 onwards.

Available online.