Econock’s new collection offers three bag edits in addition to their capsule range boasting smaller accessories

The brand has recently launched its collection Sophisticated Survivor, which envisioned a parallel silhouette in the anticipated glamour and hedonism of the Roaring ’20s

Born out of a quest to mend the broken loopholes in society, Econock, an ethical homegrown accessories label, is embracing sustainability by utilising leftover waste from byproducts. Built on the philosophy of wabi-sabi and the kintsugi art form, the brand opts to break the boundaries of fast fashion by handpicking the most authentic pieces of quality materials to reincarnate them as something fashionable for consumers.

“At Econock, we hold craftsmanship in high regard. Several skilled artisans were not pursuing their craft due to undervaluation, leading to the decline of leather craftsmanship. Through numerous iterations of our design process, we have empowered them to develop unique silhouettes and utilise their craft knowledge to explore new techniques and surface embellishments. By combining their traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we aim to ensure their sustainability in the ever-evolving era,” begins Ribhav Kapur, the founder and creative director of the label.

The brand has recently launched its collection Sophisticated Survivor, which envisioned a parallel silhouette in the anticipated glamour and hedonism of the Roaring ’20s. Bridging the gap between the 1920s and the 2020s, the collection — boasting contemporary bags, belts, bracelets and more — is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and how essential protective gear served as armour to the world. “The concept of Sophisticated Survivor champions inclusive designs that last longer and have versatile applications, all the while being constructed out of waste, without harming the environment,” he shares.

The edit of 45 pieces features three ranges, Noir Et Blanc, Gold Riddance and High-Braid, each of which offer 15 uniquely fashioned bags. Noir Et Blanc is the monochromatic range that draws inspiration from the symmetrical and geometric world of Art Deco. It embraces simplicity and longevity by creating bold silhouettes and graphical lines. Gold Riddance combines basic minimalist designs with maximalist details using embellishments, shapes, colours and modular functions. Here responsibly crafted embroideries with long-lasting properties, such as flat matté surfaces with a twist of high-shine craft are prioritised. High Braid showcases the intricate craftsmanship and innovative technology of upcycled leather, which incorporates fine textures, woven features and minimal constructions to enhance the qualities of crafted technology.

In addition to their main collection, Econock also offers a small capsule range of smaller accessories, including waist belts, pouches, leather cuffs and even a wine bottle holder. This range, aptly named Mend to Be consists of thoughtfully designed pieces that are accessible and essential for gifting or quick purchases.

“One exciting development is that we have found a new way to mend discarded materials and transform them into a resort wear set of utilitarian accessories using kintsugi. In addition to our foray into accessories, we are expanding our product range to include a new line of jewellery crafted from leather and metal,” the creative director concludes.

INR 600 onwards. Available online.

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