Asha Kamal Modi talks to us about her latest collection

Asha Kamal Modi speaks about her latest collection, Tasveer, a spectacular ensemble of precious stones, polki and diamonds arranged as a collage of jewellery
ModiGold's Tasveer Collection
ModiGold's Tasveer Collection

ModiGold’s Asha Kamal Modi, who has designed jewellery for more than a dozen Bollywood blockbusters, including Padmavat, Bajirao Mastani and Ramleela, and also been commissioned to design jewellery
for Princess Diana, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Maharani Gayatri Devi, will be showcasing her latest collection — Tasveer — in the city.
Founded by the dynamic motherdaughter duo — Asha Kamal Modi and Shivani Modi — ModiGold from the house of Art Karat have made a mark with their timeless jewellery masterpieces. Their latest Tasveer
collection is a spectacular ensembl of precious stones, polki and diamonds arranged as a collage of jewellery and features a beautiful range of necklaces, chokers, patrihaars, long earrings, studs, bracelets as well as bridal wear and accessories .
 The exhibition — Vimonisha X ModiGold — is being organised by Vimal Shivdasani and Monisha Gidwani, who have an eye for fine jewellery. Vimonisha, in the last few years, has launched some of the
 most renowned jewellery brands in Chennai.
Asha Kamal Modi talks to us about her latest collection and more.

ModiGold's Tasveer Collection
ModiGold's Tasveer Collection

Tell us about ModiGold’s latest Tasveer collection.
We at ModiGold believe that every piece of jewellery is a reflection of oneself. Our latest collection Tasveer is an ensemble of workmanship from temple to polki, and from diamonds to gemstones. Each piece is a stunning representation of our vision — that is to create unique pieces for
unique individuals.

What is the inspiration behind the collection and also the design process?
Our inspiration is our customer. We know that everyone is an individual with a different taste, so we strive to create a variety of designs that will appeal to each and every one of them. The collection is vast and absolutely fascinating.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
We mostly work with precious elements and gemstones put together in a collage that creates a fascinating piece.

What type of woman did you have in mind when designing the line?
We believe in variety and individualism. So we never have a type. We create unique pieces for unique

Who would you most like to see wearing your jewellery?
A woman who is confident with an exceptionally distinguished sense of style and persona.

What is the biggest risk you ever took with a design?
Every design is a risk. The investment is big and the design is absolutely unique. So we never know how one would perceive it.

Any tips for the brides about choosing jewellery for their special day?

Wear what reflects you as a person. Don’t get carried away with the idea of a bride that is portrayed to
all of us on social media. They are just clichés.

What’s your jewellery philosophy? How do you like to wear your favourite pieces?
I am very versatile and when I wear something, I give it much more importance than anything else in my attire. My jewellery is the most visually appealing part of my dressing.

How would you sum up the aesthetic?
The aesthetic is traditional yet exceptionally different.

What’s next? Any new collection you can hint at?
We strive to create drama and surprise. Each collection we come up with will be unlike anything else; and more importantly, something that the world would have never seen.

What’s your vision for the future of your brand?
Our vision is to create a brand that stands for exceptionally distinctive designs that will always surprise
our clients.

June 16 & 17.11 am to 8 pm.
At Hyatt Regency Chennai.

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