Dressfolk’s new collection pays homage to the cherished memories of Indian summers

Paying homage to cherished memories and sweet comforts of Indian summers, fashion brand Dressfolk introduces Memoirs of June
Sari from the collection
Sari from the collection

There are many things that make Indian summers special. As the sunshine bathes the land in golden hues, the fragrance of flowers fills the air. Not to miss the tantalising aroma of ripe mangoes and a nostalgic reminder of simpler childhood days. Decking up in light weight and breathable cotton clothes seems to be a fantastic choice to achieve optimal comfort. Paying homage to such cherished memories and sweet comforts of Indian summers, fashion brand Dressfolk introduces Memoirs of June.

The brand is on a mission to modernise traditional Indian weaves through its different collections. They are aiming at bringing handlooms to the forefront of the fashion Industry. The design philosophy is deeply rooted in celebrating the beauty of traditional craftsmanship while infusing contemporary design sensibilities.

Nitin Mehrotra, founder of Dressfolk, says, “For us, it’s all about drawing inspiration from the past but creating for the future. Memoirs of June is dedicated to the cherished memories of Indian summers. As you drape yourself in these handwoven saris, you’ll feel a gentle caress of soft cotton or lightweight linen against your skin, bringing respite from the scorching sun.” Whether you’re attending a special event going for casual outings, these saris complement every style and occasion.

Memoirs of June has two volumes. Volume 1 showcases handwoven cotton saris that embody the essence of summer delights. This includes a soothing yet vibrant colour palette and a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Volume 2 consists of handwoven linen saris, combining a heritage weave with a modern printing technique. These saris feature printed floral motifs dancing across the soft-volume fabric.

Primarily, two summer favourite textiles — handwoven cotton and handwoven linen — have been used in this collection. Memoirs of June harmonises refined pastel hues with vibrant accents. The cotton saris in this collection exhibit a modern aesthetic through thoughtful colour placements, while the linen saris captivate with multi-coloured floral print elegantly juxtaposed with light-hued ombres. Each piece reflects our commitment to design-driven excellence, creating an alluring tapestry of artistry and style. Nitin informs us that Dressfolk designs and co-produces all the garments in collaboration with the artisan community.

Memoirs of June is meticulously handwoven by skilled artisans and weavers from Bengal, guided by our master weaver Raghbendra.” he says. After weaving, the saris make their way to their studio in Delhi, where a team of artisans handle other works, such as dyeing, printing, and finishing, thus, giving life to the collection. “Our standout piece from our collection is the Amaltas Breeze Handwoven Cotton sari, which has quickly become a bestseller, its soft and breezy cotton fabric, combined with captivating colours reminiscent of the Amaltas trees. The other most beautiful sari is the Bageecha Sari,” he says.

Rs 4,900 onwards.

Available online. 

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