Chappers unveils TopC premium collection of colourful kolhapuris

Chappers has fused together distinct textures into the most contemporary kolhapuris you’ve ever seen

Chappers, well-known for its iconic kolhapuri chappals, has launched its TopC limited edition footwear collection — a symbol of tradition, culture and unparalleled comfort. Made using premium materials, the brand has fused together distinct textures into the most contemporary kolhapuris you’ve ever seen! 

Harshwardhan Patwardhan, founder of Chappers, tells us that every stitch and trim is intentional, and has been perfectly executed by the master artisans at Chappers. “TopC is a premium collection designed for our customers, and it represents our brand, with “C” standing for Chappers,” he says.

Titled Kohls on a World Tour, it draws inspiration from both traditional kolhapuris and contemporary footwear worn globally. The footwear in this collection reflects this fusion of styles, resulting in a unique and diverse collection.

About the designs and techniques used in this collection,   Harshwardhan elaborates, “We used a unique technique called ‘piping’ for the heels in this collection, which includes metallic hardware. You will find premium colours like bottle green, tan and black, along with neon green and bright red pops. Additionally, we have experimented with different textures of materials to enhance the overall look and feel of the shoes. Footwear typically comprises two parts — the upper part that covers the top of the foot, and the sole on which the foot rests. We have used various soft and hard materials to craft our shoes. At TopC, we use genuine leather, and shiny patent leather for the upper part, while our signature TPU soles are used for 
the sole.”

Versatility is what makes this collection unique. One can get creative and pair these kolhs with any outfit of their choice. Although the collection is not explicitly designed for ethnic outfits, it goes well with them.

“We make it a point to launch new collections every quarter. We keep an eye on the global trends and styles and plan our collections accordingly. Sometimes, we need to launch new designs every month, too. Typically, all year round, we constantly work on designing new collections,” 
he adds.

Price starts at Rs 4,000. 
Available online.

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