House of Fett’s new collection blends bright colours and festive elegance with contemporary flair

The brand epitomises forward-thinking design, merging ultra-modern aesthetics with timeless elegance

Sakshi Kaithwas Published :  13th October 2023 12:45 PM   |   Published :   |  13th October 2023 12:45 PM
Collection: Neo Sage

Collection: Neo Sage

A palpable sense of anticipation has filled the air as we eagerly await the upcoming Navratri celebrations. While traditional ensembles have been cherished over the generations, within most of us lies a fashionista urging us to explore and try something exciting. Festivals, in general, with their exuberant celebrations, set the perfect stage for this fashion-forward exploration, allowing us to blend tradition with experimentation, and to step into the festive style with renewed enthusiasm.

Fashion brand House of Fett’s latest festive collection Neo Sage artfully infuses traditions with a contemporary flair. The brand epitomises forward-thinking design, merging ultra-modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. Their outfits tell stories of meticulous craftsmanship, making fashion not just a statement but a journey. They have a penchant for remaining rooted in culture and heritage while simultaneously embracing modern ideas and innovative techniques.

Pieces from the collection

While discussing Neo Sage, the co-founder and creative director Esha Bhambri says, “The edit is a new and refreshed interpretation of wisdom, insight, or knowledge. It symbolises a blend of traditional wisdom and modern aesthetics, reflecting a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary style. The name Neo Sage speaks for itself and captures our collection’s core — a modern take on wisdom.”

The outfits in this edit are vibrant and eye-catching, designed for both style and comfort. Co-founder Abhinav Gupta emphasises the careful selection of colours to enhance the festive experience, prioritising comfort for effortless celebration. He tells us, “We have curated a palette which includes both rich jewel tones and bright festive ethereal hues, complemented by a selection of various fabrics from textured satins, cre pe to heavy georgettes and fine linens.”

Neo Sage includes a wide variety of silhouettes appealing to every age group. You’ll find attractive tunics, kaftans, satin gowns, draped skirts and of course, captivating co-ords. “The edit provides individuals with an opportunity to embrace the richness of festivities while expressing their style in a modern context,” adds Abhinav.

Touching a bit upon the manufacturing process, Esha continues, “We collaborated with local artisans and karigars to create these pieces. We prioritise ethical practices and sustainable sourcing, ensuring that each piece tells a story and supports local craftsmanship.”

The founders say that Neo Sage is aimed at evoking a sense of celebration and confidence in wearers. By incorporating modern silhouettes, vibrant colours, and comfortable fabrics, they ensured that beyond a festive statement, each piece is an expression of one’s personal style.

Describing a few of the standout pieces from the collection, Esha tells us, “The spiced pear kaftan and rosewood mosaic co-ord set seamlessly blend mirror embroidery with festive charm. They are crafted from luxurious jewel-toned satin by skilled artisans.” On the other hand, she says, is the rubyetta embroidered tunic set that embodies a fusion of luxury, modern design, and intricate embellishments. It celebrates opulent silk-blend satin, contemporary style, and meticulous detailing, resulting in a striking ensemble.

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