It’s time for some upcycled festive wear with Refash

Refash claims to be the only platform, a first-of-its-kind where one will find clothes, jewellery, bags and even home decor made out of post-industrial, pre-consumer as well as post-consumer waste.

Dharitri Ganguly Published :  14th September 2023 01:15 PM   |   Published :   |  14th September 2023 01:15 PM
It’s time for some upcycled festive wear with Refash

It’s time for some upcycled festive wear with Refash

Industry researches identify that 95% of garments that have been discarded, could have been re-worn, recycled or upcycled. In the generation of fast fashion and changing trends, ​Refash is breaking rules and changing the fashion game by introducing itself as not just a brand but a movement.

The greed of consumption has led to voluminous depletion of natural resources, making the fashion industry the second most polluting industry in the world. Fashion businesses and brands are now identifying this problem and designing solutions that can facilitate sustainable buying decisions to preserve the environment. One such platform is ​Refash, claiming to be the first global platform for upcycled fashion ​founded in April 2018 by ​Akanksha Kaila Akashi​, a design graduate from the University of the Arts, London. So, this festive season, let’s shop big, sustainable and beautiful pieces, which are upcycled without you even noticing. 

Akanksha Kaila Akashi

“Upcycling is not a new concept in India, it has been present in our Indian households for generations - only the term is new. Our vision with the Refash Pop Up is to give a platform to young Indian designers and brands who are re-looking at waste and designing products that are unique and helping in achieving a circular economy. The pop up is the perfect solution for those who are looking to buy conscious products, but don’t know where to go,” says Akanksha. Highlighting the design stories of upcycling designers, Refash has featured over 40 brands since their inception and also has created a global directory that lists more than 150 designers worldwide.

Speaking on how Refash is different from other sustainable brands, Akanksha says, “Refash is a platform for discovering and shopping upcycled fashion and interiors. We are the only platform of its kind where you will find clothes, jewellery, bags and even home decor made out of post-industrial, pre-consumer as well as post-consumer waste."

Sicily Cowl Top

The new drops by the brand have something for everyone, from casual to light festive wear as well as a range of fun, unique accessories that would complement each outfit. “Our products are not trend oriented, but capsule pieces that would become wardrobe staples and eventually heirloom pieces. We don’t believe in buying or dressing a customer according to what is ‘in season’ but showcasing a collection of garments, accessories and home products that would speak to an individual’s personal style and hence be with them forever. Each piece is tailored by artisans who are encouraged to follow a slow making process so as to ensure that the quality of the final product is unmatched,” adds Akanksha. 

Though a design student herself, Akansha was very clear that she didn’t want to create a design label for herself. “I didn’t want to add to the already existing pool of brands and designers. I feel there is so much already being designed and made. Who is even going to buy so much? I always knew I wanted to do something within design but something different and that is why Refash fuels me so much,” she adds.

Duo Box Dress

She concludes saying, “I have recently been thinking of how we just need to pause, as individuals, as businesses, as consumers. We already have enough and more than what we need for our lifetime. Sustainability to me is to look within. And that extends to every aspect of life - personal relationships, work, how we live our life. Upcycling is possible with most materials. In its essence, upcycling is the craft of re-using a material to create something new. A saree can be upcycled into a scarf or a kimono. Curtains can be upcycled into table mats or cushion covers. A car tyre can be upcycled to create a side table. The possibilities are endless.” 

Refash launches a new brand and newer set of products almost every week, keeping everyone on their toes, always!

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