Hakshi, a new brand by Clio Silks that blends kanchi silk and zari into leather handbags

This fusion of handloom silk and pure zari yields handbags that epitomise sophistication and artistry, extending the allure of kanjivaram silks beyond saris
Handbags from Hakshi
Handbags from Hakshi

Introducing Hakshi, a novel brand dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of kanjivaram silks, transcending traditional boundaries with a global appeal. Melding the grace of kanjivaram silk with opulent leather, Hakshi unveils distinctive collections — Yanay Potli Bags and Adhya Bucket Bags. This fusion of handloom silk and pure zari yields handbags that epitomise sophistication and artistry, extending the allure of kanjivaram silks beyond saris to redefine luxury in the realm of handbags. Co-founder and creative head of the label under Clio Silks, spills the tea about the new collection in the works, the making of these bags and more…

What was the concept behind this new brand?
Kanjivaram silk is highly regarded for its intricate craftsmanship and we take pride in creating masterpieces of artistry while staying true to our traditional designs. Our global audience loves kanjivaram silk, but draping a sari has its geographical limitations. But we know kanjivaram silk can be more than saris and can be blended with many other materials, such as leather to craft handbags, which you will not only possess as a symbol of cultural heritage but also an heirloom that transcends time.

Could you walk us through what goes into crafting these handbags?
Sourcing handloom silk is a time-consuming process as each loom requires careful attention and dedication for the silk to be weaved. The combination of pure zari kanjivaram silk with leather not only radiates style but also offers versatility and functionality. All leather used by us is genuine nappa leather, known for its softness and they are a by-product of the meat industry. The liners we use are made of satin silk while the gold hardware remains untarnished for an extensive period.

Could you describe the different types of handbags that Hakshi offers within this unique line?
The current range boasts potli bags, bucket bags, sling bags, zipper wallets, wristlet wallets, mini zippers and clutches. Moreover, our upcoming line for 2024 will feature tote bags, mini tote bags, baguette bags and quilted bags designed with exquisite kanjivaram silk.

In what colours are these leather and silk handbags available?
Currently, our colour palette reflects an Indian celebratory atmosphere. The colours you will find include gold, rani pink, sunshine yellow, beige, red and black. These vibrant and solid colours are typically used in kanjivaram silks. In our upcoming production, we are introducing pastels and neons to further expand our range.

What’s next for Hakshi?
Our objective is to procure a diverse range of authentic Indian weaves, such as patola, ikat, Odisha ikat and banaras materials. These will be skillfully fused with premium leather to create an extensive array of distinctive product categories.

₹6,595 onwards. Available online.


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