The Whole Nine Yards’ Kamal Ratan edit has ensembles drenched in festive emotions

From kurtas to saris and kaftans, the handcrafted ensembles come in a vivid colour palette
The Whole Nine Yards' new edit
The Whole Nine Yards' new edit

An avid traveller, designer Neha Chawla draws inspiration from her travel experiences to create handcrafted exquisite ensembles. Having gained expertise in sewing and construction from Parsons School of Design, her label The Whole Nine Yards aims at creating authentic craft while empowering artisans from across the world.

Her newly launched festive collection, Kamal Ratan, too, showcases an amalgamation of exquisite craft that resonates with the vivid emotions surrounding Indian weddings. From kurtas to saris and kaftans, the ensembles come in a vivid color palette ranging from ivory, orange, gulabi, and crimson, to firoza blue, lilac, aqua blue, lime green and more. Neha lets us know more about the edit.

<em>The Whole Nine Yards' new edit</em>
The Whole Nine Yards' new edit

What's the idea behind the collection Kamal Ratan?

The edit pays tribute to the emotions that bind a family together in the beautiful journey of love. The intricate embroidery and detailing visible on the pieces of this collection weave a story of shared traditions and rituals.

The Idea was to celebrate special moments with curated pieces designed to elevate the allure of weddings and festive occasions. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to transform every event into a memorable and stylish affair.  The edit is inspired by nature where motifs like chinar leaf, lotus, traditional mango, and floral designs are used to create a visual narrative resonating with the festive spirit.

How much different will ethnic fashion be in 2024?

It will be all about classic silhouettes and the understated charm of muted colours in ethnic wear.  We will see a lot of pastels dominating the bright hues. 

Borrowing inspiration from different parts of the world is here to stay. Also, experimenting with necklines and sleeves will continue in 2024. Obsession with pink or Barbie oink will phase out.

For this summer, timeless saris and weaves infused with a modern twist will be a hot trend.

<em>The Whole Nine Yards' new edit</em>
The Whole Nine Yards' new edit

How has your philosophy as a designer evolved over the years?

As a young designer, not following the trend and sticking to what one believes in is very important. Also, communication is really important.  Communicating the brand's story and values is integral to success. My biggest takeaway has been to create something that can keep up with the times without losing connection between traditional and modern.

What's the collection you are working on right now?

We are currently immersed in the exciting process of crafting next fashion collection, and it's truly a labour of love. We draw inspiration from nature and architecture, infusing elements of nature into each design. The collection aims at being relatable and modern yet infused in traditional art, creating a narrative that transcends mere clothing.

Exploring a palette of ivories and black tones, we are experimenting with fabrics and textures to bring a fresh perspective to classic silhouettes. Sustainability is a key focus this time, and we are incorporating the same to align with our label's commitment to responsible fashion. 

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