The collection reimagines and reinvents intricate chintz masterpieces

The history of chintz and the intricacy of the artworks inspired the designer to create the edit Coromandel
Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

Fashion collections are often more than just wearable pieces of clothing; they are stories, ideas, and a reflection of historical events. For instance, chintz, a fabric popular in fashion and home décor, has a rich history dating back to ancient India. The word ‘chintz’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘chint,’ meaning spotted or variegated. Originally handpainted with intricate designs and floral motifs, chintz gained popularity in 17th and 18th century Europe, particularly in England and France, for its exotic and luxurious appearance. Fashion brand Limerick’s latest collection Coromandel talks about the beauty of chintz reminding us of its history.

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

The design philosophy of the brand is a unique blend of the past and present, drawing inspiration from our rich cultural heritage and modernising it for the women today. Sharing details about Coromandel, designer Nanki Maggo Papneja, tells us, “The history of chintz and the intricacy of the artworks inspired us to create Coromandel. The more we researched, the more interesting it got.” The fact that the Indian chintz emerged as the ‘first mass fashion’ as it was worn by all classes around the world was the turning point for her. The collection is primarily resort, but a variety of styles have been added to ensure versatility. It includes swimwear, shorts, co-ords, and maxi dresses that can be dressed up or down.

Talking about the fabrics, she continues, “Besides our usual favourites like crepes and georgettes, this season we have experimented with new fabrics featuring a unique scallop texture, in line with the collection’s theme.” The colour palette, on the other hand, ranges from subtle tones of pinks and mints to deeper hues like emerald and navy blue. According to the designer, the edit pays homage to the rich artistic heritage and the vibrant cultural tapestry as it reimagines and reinvents intricate chintz masterpieces that once captured hearts to the extent that they faced prohibition. She explains, “If you look back at the history of chintz, you’ll see that the fabric and the designs had become so popular in Europe that the governments in France and Britain along with other European countries had banned the import from India to protect their local trade.” Mostly, all the collections by Limerick including Coromandel, feature a blend of inclusive silhouettes designed for everyone. Whether you’re young, middle-aged, or in your ’60s, there’s something for everyone to find and enjoy.

Rs 3,999 upwards.

Available online. 

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