Jisora’s winter edit in corduroy and velvet exudes happiness

The new collection features an exclusive line-up of trousers, quirky jackets and co-ords in sumptuous fabrics
Jisora's winter edit
Jisora's winter edit

Homegrown clothing label Jisora’s Winter Holiday collection features an exclusive line-up of trousers, quirky jackets and co-ords in sumptuous fabrics like corduroy and velvet.

"This collection seamlessly blends the richness of corduroy and the opulence of velvet, offering a diverse array of outfits. We aim at redefining winter couture by infusing it with our unique design sensibilities," says Mehul Sethi, co-founder of the label. 

 We speak with him to know more.

Tell us all about your winter edit.

Our Winter Holiday collection is a celebration of luxurious textures, exquisite fabrics, and captivating designs that encapsulate the essence of fusion wear. The range embraces a rich and sophisticated colour palette predominantly revolving around deep, warm winter tones, such as, burgundy, deep green, navy blue, and charcoal, besides subtle hints of metallic accents like gold or silver to add a touch of glamour.

We have played around the two opulent fabrics -- corduroy and velvet. The ribbed texture of corduroy brings a cozy yet refined feel to the pieces, while velvet adds a sense of plushness and luxury. The textures play a crucial role in adding depth and dimension to the garments.

<em>Jisora's winter edit</em>
Jisora's winter edit

Winter party wardrobe essentials?

Statement trousers exuding refinement, quirky jackets, versatile co-ords, and an array of captivating pieces that seamlessly fuse eastern aesthetics with western panache.

What will the overarching trends in 2024 be when it comes to party and occasion wear?

In 2024, we anticipate a continuation of the fusion trend, emphasizing a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements in party and occasion wear. There will likely be an increased focus on versatile ensembles that effortlessly transition from day to evening affairs, offering a balance between comfort and elegance. Fabrics combining luxurious textures with practicality are expected to gain prominence. Moreover, sustainability and ethical fashion practices will remain significant. Accessories that complement the attire's aesthetics are also foreseen to play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look, adding a touch of individuality and personality to party wear in 2024.

<em>Jisora's winter edit</em>
Jisora's winter edit

Your road map for 2024?

Our roadmap includes unveiling captivating new collections that push the boundaries of style. Anticipate an exciting array of fresh designs, innovative patterns, and trendsetting pieces that redefine fashion.

How much more do you pay attention to sustainable fashion?

We have a conscious approach to fashion, prioritizing sustainability in our creations. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to employing ethical manufacturing practices, every step of the production process is meticulously scrutinized.

Your spring summer 2024 collection?

It will embody the epitome of comfort and style. Breezy fabrics, playful prints, and relaxed silhouettes will offer a perfect blend of comfort, ensuring that individuals can effortlessly express their style in the warmer months ahead without compromising on the comfort they deserve.

Price on request. On jisora.com

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