A contemporary footwear brand, Chal, presents its latest collection, Winter Siesta

The brand draws inspiration from the empowered lifestyles of strong women, incorporating emotional elements of self-sustenance and independence
Collection: Winter Siesta
Collection: Winter Siesta

A good pair of footwear makes for an integral part of one’s appearance and personality, especially in this biting cold. Undoubtedly, your shoes are steadfast companions when temperatures plummet, capable of defining or defying your style statement. The diversity in shoe preferences adds a unique flair to individual fashion choices, allowing each person to express their distinctive style with every step. A contemporary footwear brand, Chal has introduced a wonderful collection Winter Siesta, apt for the ongoing season.

The brand draws inspiration from the empowered lifestyles of strong women, incorporating emotional elements of self-sustenance and independence. They aim at prioritising aesthetics and maintaining high quality standards with eco-conscious practices, aiming to reduce carbon footprints. They believe in blending age-old handmade traditions with a modern, contemporary approach in their designs.

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

Telling us about the Winter Siesta, founder and creative head, Malvika Agarwal, expresses, “For one of my initial designs, it took nearly two years to source the right materials while balancing comfort and aesthetics for the launch. I aimed for perfection, envisioning it as a collectable piece tailored for those who cherish it.” Crafted from durable patent leather with an audacious heel, this collection reimagines the classic oxford, originally designed for men, into a versatile statement for women beyond the workplace. Intended as a response to the post sneaker era, it seamlessly transitions from professional settings to parties. Ideal for extended periods on your feet, it’s a versatile choice suitable for any occasion.

Regarding the selection of hues, Malvika says, “Beginning with black, we envisioned a timeless and contemporary design that transcends trends. Evolving into shiny patent colours, the bold silhouette perfectly complements the material. Our colour palette, intentionally basic and minimal, allows multiple purchases for various occasions — tan for the workplace, pastel blue for outings with friends, patent red for parties, and patent black for general celebrations.”Ensuring a snug fit, the pieces in this edit offer protection in harsh winter weather. The well-designed heel negates the need to arch the foot for added sole height, catering to comfort and functionality. Engineered to meet all foot needs, these shoes prioritise comfort for individuals on the go. Malvika envisions her creations for empowered women instilling confidence and finesse.

Rs 8,000 upwards.

Available online. 

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