Akinna Milano, an Italian luxury leather handbag brand, has made its debut in the Indian market

The founder duo has introduced a new collection of bags drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Italy
Barrel Bag - Ostrich
Barrel Bag - Ostrich

Let's agree bags embody an essence beyond utility. Each bag is a canvas for individuality, allowing women to carry a piece of their essence wherever they go, transforming the mundane act of carrying into a poetic expression of style and identity. People delight in investing in bags as a means of selfexpression. An Italian luxury leather handbag brand, Akinna Milano has made its debut in the Indian market. What makes this even more special is the profound connection the founders, Annika Saraf and Hannu Saraf, share with India. Their deep-rooted love for their motherland adds an unparalleled dimension to the brand’s introduction to the Indian market. The duo has introduced a new collection of bags drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Italy.

Akinna Milano has been dedicated to delivering superior craftsmanship and authentic designs, seamlessly merging these elements into affordability.

Pieces from the new collection
Pieces from the new collection

Annika says, “Embarking on a new edit, we crafted bags that celebrate European style while resonating with the diverse preferences of the modern global woman. Our collection’s foundation is laid with genuine Italian leather, providing a luxurious feel and durability.”

As far as the fabrics and colour palette are concerned, she used exotic leathers like pebbled, crocodile, and ostrich, chosen for distinctive textures. Annika explains that elegant tones of beige, navy blue, and chocolate brown define their colour preferences. According to her, beige offers timeless sophistication, navy blue exudes regality with subtle distinctiveness, and chocolate brown adds warmth and opulence, making a bold statement.

“Chosen for their seamless day-to-evening transition, our colour palette provides diverse options for various occasions. This collection aims to create handbags that transcend mere fashion statements, serving as reflections of the buyer’s style,” Annika adds.

Motivated by a deep love for their motherland, Akinna Milano’s decision to enter the Indian market stems from recognising its position as one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury markets. With major global brands also setting their sights on India as the next big destination, they see this as a strategic move to be part of the flourishing luxury landscape in the country.

When asked how they tailored their new collection keeping the preferences and cultural dynamics of the Indian market, Hannu says, “We have tried blending Italian style with vibrant Indian aesthetics, reflected in the chosen colour palette. The edit caters to diverse Indian lifestyles with versatile and functional designs, from multi-use totes for bustling cities to top-handle bags for formal gatherings.”

The collection embraces a diverse array of handbags including a refined top handle bag, the Vanessa, perfect for formal events. The Lia crossbody bag combines style and practicality, ideal for everyday use. The Vanessa Petite offers a compact yet stylish option, seamlessly transitioning from day to evening. The barrel bag blends style and convenience, while the Two-Way Tote stands out as a versatile accessory for the modern woman, suitable for work, travel, or casual outings. Hannu says, “Whether in a professional setting or a leisurely day out, our handbags complement the myriad facets of a woman’s lifestyle, offering elegance and utility.”

Rs 8,500 onwards.

Available online.

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