This popular ethical jewellery brand from Chennai brings affordable precious stone-studded bijouterie in drool-worthy designs to Bengaluru

The chic new Jayanagar store of Avira Diamonds was inaugurated by actress Bipasha Basu
A section of the store
A section of the store

With an ambition to offer earth-friendly jewellery with a premium experience, Avira Diamonds founded by Suresh Jain in 2021 under the parent company Pooja Gold Palace finds its way into Bengaluru.

After having successfully grown into a well-versed jewellery establishment, the label recently took on a new identity after seeing the future in the lab-grown diamond industry and establish ing its presence in Puducherry and Chennai.

As we entered the chic new Jayanagar store which was inaugurated by actress Bipasha Basu we were immediately captivated by the stunning array of neckpieces paired with state ment earrings aligning the walls.

Display cases showcased an impressive collection beginning from delicate nose rings and dreamy rings to more substan tial pieces like mugappu chains, bangles, bracelets and solitaire studs in an array of shapes, sizes, cuts and colours. Yes, lab-grown diamonds can indeed come in various hues.

The jewellery is designed and manufactured in a state-of-the art facility in Chennai, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and advanced technological craftsmanship. Lab-grown diamonds from Avira ensure the elimination of environmental and ethical consequences associated with mined diamonds.

These diamonds possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds but are roughly 70 percent more affordable, making sustainable luxury accessible to all. Each of their diamonds is graded accord- ing to the 4Cs, certified and hall-marked with 18-carat gold, ensur ing quality and authenticity.

Our visit included a delightful session in their plush sofa chairs, where we tried on some of their custom pieces as they shared a striking resemblance to the French luxury label Cartier's designs.

From simple heart- shaped solitaire studs to an elab- orate three-piece set inspired by peacock feathers, the store has diamonds poised to be any girl's best friend. However, they also offer an exclusive collection for men. Among the sea of offerings. our personal favourites were the cute pendant sets, perfect for every- day wear and casual occasions.

₹5,000 onwards. At Jayanagar.

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